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Guess what? It’s frozen here again! Alas, my math class is still opening tomorrow, so I still have to complete my homework, but still…. weather like this is not within my (admittedly young) memory.

I have already broken my previously mentioned resolution to cast on no more than one project a month. I knitted a baby hat, for example. However, a baby hat takes less than a day to knit, so *whisper* it doesn’t really count, right? Ahem.

By the way, have you seen these amazing socks yet? You. Must. CLICK THE LINK. If you care at all for literature and knitting, you will swoon. I swooned… well, maybe not, but still! However, I rashly promised to make whoever so desired a pair of them, if they would only pay for yarn and pattern, and am now doomed to spend the rest of the next month or two knitting them, as soon as the yarn (which is not yet ordered) is in my possession. I’m going to use Knit Picks Palette.

I have recently been seized by an attack of Startitis Maximus. What is that, you ask? A disease, of which the primary symptom is an almost uncontrollable urge to cast on new projects. It is extremely common among knitters, and frequently chronic. Though rarely fatal, results may include an ever-increasing pile of UFOs (Unfinished Objects), eight projects on the needles at once, and frustration at the sudden lack of needles to cast on yet more projects. (I actually do have seven projects right now – two unpaired socks, an unpaired mitten, two shawls, a shawlette, and a sweater. But the unpaired socks and mitten don’t count, because one sock is hibernating, one is an autopilot pattern to work on while I’m watching a movie or something, and the mitten was in hibernation for almost two years anyways. Don’t ask why that makes them not count.)

And now I bid you farewell, for I must go and finish my math homework. I wasted my homework time making molasses cookies.

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I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry

Well, the ice still hasn’t cleared up, so we’re still housebound. And it snowed again last night. I was up late and peeked out of the window, and it was coming down like nobody’s business. The world outside is absolutely covered in snow. I’m not sure how deep it is yet, but it all looks quite lovely.

Not to mention that our English country dancing is definitely out unless the ice miraculously melts.

Four successive days of colder weather than is within my memory. Ever. In one of the hotter places in the States.
Global warming, y’know.

Good heavens, I just a saw a squirrel scampering in the snow.



It is very, very weird weather here. As an example of our usual weather, last Friday it was about 70 degrees. In January. Yes, we live in the south. But today was forecast to be in the twenties with ice, and behold, it’s 18 degrees outside with a windchill of 4 degrees. Not to mention everything is coated in ice. This ice is rather odd-it has the appearance of snow but is as hard as a rock.

 Well, since it is the first day of February, and freezing cold, I have decided to cast on my February Lady sweater. If I can’t wear snuggly alpaca, I can at least knit it.