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Seven Quick Takes


1. Am I the only person who, when they read sentimental Pinterest lists of what girls want their marriage proposal to be like and the list includes some variation of “he’ll ask my father’s permission”, has an immediate urge to sneak out and elope? In all honesty, what’s with this thing? The Catechism says that although (adult, obviously) children should ask for and respect their parent’s advice on the choice of a spouse, the parents do not have authority to interfere. Besides, I’m not property; I don’t need my future husband to ask my dad to make sure he’s willing to hand me over. I’m thinking this idea is some ill-considered method of showing that you’re a traditionally feminine girl who still thinks obedience is important. I consider myself traditional, but as far as I’m concerned, this custom is at least somewhat opposed to the way the Church treats marriage. The only person whose consent is relevant is mine and his. In fact, the Church discourages the custom of giving away the bride at a wedding. So when/if I marry, my parents’ blessing? Yes. Permission? No.

2. I’ve been preparing for the Tour de fleece by spinning up some unfinished projects and miscellaneous bits of fiber. I’ve done about all I’m going to get done until it starts, I think, so for the next week I’m going to work on knitting projects. I think I can finish the second sock of a pair and a small scarf pre-Tour. Indeed, I just finished a pair of Moody Stockings this morning. It took me just nine days to knit them. That might sound like a long time, but at a fine gauge and interspersed with quite a bit of spinning, it’s very good time for me.

3. One of our toilets overflowed again. This is the second time in two years. So right now there is a very large yellow truck in front of our house. Alas.

4. I’m going to start watching Babylon 5 soon. I got Season One from my best buddy, the public library. I don’t know whether I’m going to like it or not, but I believe Jimmy Akin of apologetics fame watched it, since he has a few posts about it at his blog (do a search), and it’s rated PG so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too inappropriate. I haven’t watched it yet, though, so don’t take my word for it.

5. We got some really delicious almond butter from Trader Joe’s the other day. I had a tablespoon in my oatmeal with a teeny bit of nutmeg in place of the cinnamon since we were out, a couple drops of vanilla, and some brown sugar as well as the obligatory milk. Yummy! (Note that nutmeg is actually a dangerous hallucinogen in high doses, as in 1-6 whole “nuts”. But then, no one is exactly in danger of consuming that much in a sitting by accident, unless you’re the type to make a batch of luscious nutmeg muffins and then eat them all.

6. I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday recently and I used most of it to buy Super Mario Galaxy. (Don’t tell me I’m stupid, I already know that.) To my dismay, it requires the use of the nunchuk extension, which I loathe. So I guess I’ll have to get better at it before I can really play it…

7. I originally said I had nothing here, but I see Bloglovin’ wants me to put a link up again if I want to claim this new address. So there, Bloglovin’. Take that. (Actually, I really like Bloglovin’, except once in a while it takes weirdly long to update, as in I’ll visit the blog and see they have new posts up several hours before Bloglovin’ puts them up. That doesn’t happen very much, though.)

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What I’m doing

I know that in the past, I’ve not been so great about posting promised post sequels… try saying that three times fast! But I certainly shall finish that Beauty and the Beast post soon and put it up. I’ve already got part of the reply written.

Right now, I am doing the following:

Re-reading George Eliot’s incredible novel, Middlemarch. This book is simply amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. In fact, it may be my favorite novel that I’ve read. Not the best, but my favorite. This is, of course, under the traditional definition of novel – a realistic work of prose fiction, therefore excluding many books that I love (Tolkien’s work, a lot of C. S. Lewis’ work, most of Chesterton’s, all the poetry…); however, I do read quite a few traditional novels and I adore this one. 

Reading Thank You, Jeeves. O, P. G. Wodehouse! Glorious.

I’ve also been spinning quite a bit. I bought three braids of hand-painted wool on Etsy for less than seven dollars each, which was an excellent deal. Generally, comparable fiber is about $15-$22 dollars each. It was a good sale, and I’m pleased with the wool. I’ve spun up almost half of one already, and I just started on Wednesday. Knitting has been going rather well too.

Well, I’ll talk more later… about school and such. I may post pictures of my recent knitting and spinning, too.

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How fickle a blogger I am

Yeah. So. I neglected y’all for another week, didn’t I? I’m a bad, bad blogger.

First things first; Lent. I’m sure all of you want to know what I’m giving up for Lent (or perhaps not). I’m trying to actually do stuff, as well, as they all say, but I think giving stuff up is frequently underrated. For someone like me, who’s fond of their comforts, I think it’s pretty important (though obviously it’s better to go to adoration and the like). To cut to the chase, I gave up meat and desserts. I ate a dessert last night anyways, because I’m a loser, but whatever. Never again! I’m going to also try to make it to Mass more often and to Eucharistic Adoration more. I’m also cutting down on Internet usage and going to try biking to the local park and back daily.

Anyways, we should always try to remember that our voluntary penances are for His sake and only useful insofar as we sacrifice ourselves to Him, and getting too fixated on them kind of defeats the purpose, I guess, which is to detach ourselves from ourselves and attach ourselves to him. I hope that made some kind of sense.

As I mentioned last week, I did see Altan perform twice last weekend. It was incredible. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I AM WATCHING ALTAN!!!! The first time was amazing enough, but the second was even better; I got a sixth or seventh row seat, and could see everything going onstage. (By the way, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, the lead singer and one of the fiddlers, is beautiful.) The singing, fiddling, everything was just beautiful. It was also pleasant to hear them introducing the songs… that Irish lilt… ah, to have a speaking voice like that! I think my favorite part was when Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh introduced one of my favorites, “Mo Choill”, saying it was one of her favorites and proceeding to sing it with exceptional loveliness. They have shot up even further in my estimation. Top class band.

I’ve been working a bit on my spinning and I have produced one small (forty gram-haven’t got the yardage yet) skein of yarn that averages probably around sport weight or so. I ought to post pictures eventually, I suppose.
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Pictures of the wool

Some pictures of my most recent purchase. They don’t do it justice. I’m going to try and get my talented sister Mollie to take some pictures of it being spun up. I couldn’t help it – I started spinning it the night after I got it.
A closeup of the tag.

A shot of the pattern I got. I’m going to carefully save all my scraps…

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Happy late feast of St. Valentine! We’re within the octave of his feast so it counts 🙂 Octaves are wonderful things. Though if I’m not mistaken, the only two that are actually on the calendar right now are those of Easter and Christmas. Alas. Anyways…

Well, last Friday I spent the last of my Christmas gift certificates on four ounces (a lace shawl or pair of socks worth of yarn) of hand-dyed wool. The sheep it came from was a Blue-Faced Leicester, which is colloquially known as BFL. It is a longwool, which means the little wooly hairs that make up the fleece are long. Profound, eh? It is soft, but not as soft as the finest wool, Merino.
Anyways, the exact wool I got is this. Enchanted Knoll Farms BFL in “Fairy Dance”. It arrived today (well, right now it is tomorrow, if that makes sense, which it really doesn’t, but I digress) and is far, far more beautiful than it is in the picture I just linked to. I have taken some pictures of it which I will post tomorrow. All I can say it is that it is the prettiest material I have ever worked with. It’s soft pinks and purples and blues (perhaps a touch of green) all washed through with dreamy grey with spots of fawn brown. It suits its name beautifully.
Indeed, the reason I am up so late is because I spent about forty-five minutes spinning it. I am going to make a laceweight two-ply (translated: very thin yarn made of two strands). I am being careful to preserve the color sequence so that it changes colors as I knit instead of getting the colors all blurred together. Oh, and it is so very soft and fuzzy.

I forgot to mention that I had a little bit left over after buying that wool so I also got this adorable pattern. It looks great for using up scraps! It would be horribly wasteful to actually buy the yarn recommended for it though, as you would have to buy eight colors and each skein is nearly $20.
*begin rant* In my opinion, the amounts of money that are spent on hobbies like this are sometimes bordering on sinful, especially when you think of the great necessity of almsgiving. I’m not immune myself to spending too much on books and knitting things (a fault which I frequently fall into, whenever I come into money), but it’s rather disturbing how obsessed people get with this stuff. As Woody said in Toy Story, “You are a child’s PLAYTHING!” It’s only STUFF, in the end. These things are pleasant, harmless hobbies that sometimes happen to produce lovely gifts and objects for charity. They’re not our be-alls and end-alls. That goes not only for yarn and spinning fiber, but for music/books/clothing/fabric/handwoven linen napkins from Tasmania. *end rant*


My new yarn

My first big handspun project. Reposted with better pictures, taken by my amazing sister Mollie. The pictures were taken as it was hang-drying off a clothes-hanger hanging from the ceiling fan (I had to wash it to set the twist). How many times can I use “hang” in one sentence? Hence, the fan in the background.

I love this picture, especially since the fiber colorway is “Seaspray”.