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"And never was piping so sad…" *

I just returned from a walk, during which I spent a fair length of time daydreaming about the walks I will take when it becomes cold and the leaves begin to change. There is no greater earthly pleasure than walking in crisp weather, when a chilly wind is blowing and the trees are red and gold, unless it be to lie on a slope with the breeze rustling your hair and leaves flying. It is a little sad to think that it will be weeks, perhaps many, until I may have that delight, but the wait will make it even sweeter when it arrives. I just re-read The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle, which dwells largely on this theme of mortality; the idea that the very fleetingness of the joys of life lends them their beauty and mirth.

It is not quite the Christian perspective, which sees all these things as small, dim reflections of the bliss of heaven, but it has truth in it, though it can be easily corrupted into the carpe diem, the practice of seizing every pleasure now lest it be gone forever. Somehow, I don’t feel that the book intends to teach that; perhaps it is because of the melancholy with which it is so imbued, and which makes it so lovely. One can feel this bittersweetness in Tolkien’s work, in parts of Narnia, in Till We Have Faces, in Homer and Virgil; Yeats is drenched in it; Chesterton hints at it occasionally, though he is a poet of day, rather than of the evening that it lingers in.
It has an affinity for starlight and moonlight and echoes, for dark forests and white flowers; a feeling of autumn, of things pale and ancient and far away. Though not all autumnal poetry is of this sort; there are chiefly two kinds, it seems to me. There is the autumn that is filled with gold and red and hearth fires, the poetry of the harvest; and the autumn that is the fading away of the year, the cold winds, the dying leaves, the bare branches; the poetry of November.
 * Note: the title of the post is taken from Yeats’ wonderful poem, “The Host of the Air”.
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It’s September at last! September is one of my five favorite months, after December, June, November, and October. December because of Advent, Christmas, and Christmas break; June because it’s the month of the Sacred Heart, my birthday month (and St. Margaret Mary is my patroness! How awesome is that?) and there’s no school as a bonus, November because it’s fall and cold (I believe we get our best fall foliage here in November, too), October because it’s fall and sort of cold, and September because temperatures begin to go down from 100+ degrees and become bearable again.

Oh my goodness! Monday has a predicted high of only 86 degrees! Be still, my beating heart! And the low is in the high 60s! Let there be mirth and merrymaking! Fall is upon our doorstep! Bliss! Joy! Rapture! Ecstasy!

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How fickle a blogger I am

Yeah. So. I neglected y’all for another week, didn’t I? I’m a bad, bad blogger.

First things first; Lent. I’m sure all of you want to know what I’m giving up for Lent (or perhaps not). I’m trying to actually do stuff, as well, as they all say, but I think giving stuff up is frequently underrated. For someone like me, who’s fond of their comforts, I think it’s pretty important (though obviously it’s better to go to adoration and the like). To cut to the chase, I gave up meat and desserts. I ate a dessert last night anyways, because I’m a loser, but whatever. Never again! I’m going to also try to make it to Mass more often and to Eucharistic Adoration more. I’m also cutting down on Internet usage and going to try biking to the local park and back daily.

Anyways, we should always try to remember that our voluntary penances are for His sake and only useful insofar as we sacrifice ourselves to Him, and getting too fixated on them kind of defeats the purpose, I guess, which is to detach ourselves from ourselves and attach ourselves to him. I hope that made some kind of sense.

As I mentioned last week, I did see Altan perform twice last weekend. It was incredible. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I AM WATCHING ALTAN!!!! The first time was amazing enough, but the second was even better; I got a sixth or seventh row seat, and could see everything going onstage. (By the way, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, the lead singer and one of the fiddlers, is beautiful.) The singing, fiddling, everything was just beautiful. It was also pleasant to hear them introducing the songs… that Irish lilt… ah, to have a speaking voice like that! I think my favorite part was when Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh introduced one of my favorites, “Mo Choill”, saying it was one of her favorites and proceeding to sing it with exceptional loveliness. They have shot up even further in my estimation. Top class band.

I’ve been working a bit on my spinning and I have produced one small (forty gram-haven’t got the yardage yet) skein of yarn that averages probably around sport weight or so. I ought to post pictures eventually, I suppose.
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I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry

Well, the ice still hasn’t cleared up, so we’re still housebound. And it snowed again last night. I was up late and peeked out of the window, and it was coming down like nobody’s business. The world outside is absolutely covered in snow. I’m not sure how deep it is yet, but it all looks quite lovely.

Not to mention that our English country dancing is definitely out unless the ice miraculously melts.

Four successive days of colder weather than is within my memory. Ever. In one of the hotter places in the States.
Global warming, y’know.

Good heavens, I just a saw a squirrel scampering in the snow.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A happy New Year to all my loyal fans! And a happy feast of Mary, Mother of God!

On a more mundane note, I’ve been watching quite a lot of movies lately – for me, that is. We have it, but I don’t watch television really at all and movies not terribly often. For instance, I just recently saw:

Tangled in theaters. This was a very cute movie. I really liked it. Rapunzel was an endearing heroine, the hero was funny, the villain was fittingly wicked. On the downside: the ending was a total deus ex machina. I don’t necessarily object to those on principle, but it was pretty gratuitous. And the music was so-so, to me at least, though I enjoyed “Mother Knows Best”.

Star Wars for the first time ever. Yes, I managed to get along for 15.5 years without ever seeing it. I liked it, but I like

The Empire Strikes Back better. I haven’t finished it yet, though. We still have 30 minutes to watch (hopefully tonight) before it’s over. But before I move on, Han Solo and Princess Leia are utterly hilarious.

(okay, this was a while ago) My Neighbor Totoro. This movie is lovely. All I can say is go and watch it. It’s suitable for the whole family, saving a scene where the father of the two little girls who are the main characters prays to a tree spirit. I fast-forwarded this scene when I watched it with my siblings – it’s very short. I recommend reading this review highly.

Right now I am watching Spirited Away. I watched the first third of it last night with my sister and two friends and it is extremely interesting… though maybe not for everyone. I can’t wait to finish watching it! For more information, read this review as well.

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Advent has come almost hastily upon us; I could swear that yesterday it was August 14th, or something. Most of the trees are nearly bare, even here in my rather overheated area; most of the exceptions seem to be oak trees, which seem to cling to their leaves a bit longer. A couple weeks ago we hit the high point for all the colors.

I got back from a walk a few minutes ago, and as I was walking by the creek near our park, I saw some golden leaves clinging to some very high branches. I am not well-versed enough in trees to know what kind they were, but the leaves, with the white sun shining through them, floating against a blue sky, made me think of Lothlórien. To me, at any rate, the sun looks white during a winter afternoon. What a beautiful afternoon (now evening) it is; the sun was very bright, and there were scarcely any clouds in the sky, only a breathless few wisps. A cool breeze, not quite chilly, trembled in the air. I like this weather better than any other, except maybe snow. 
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The general trend recently seems to be writing about October. So I will do so.

October is probably my favourite month. Sure, June is my birthday, and December is Christmas, and Easter is… wait, a movable feast. Drat. But anyways, for a number of reasons, October is my favorite.

1. The month is enchanted with red and gold and fading green. Well, in most places. Where I live, the show doesn’t really get going until November, if I remember aright.
Now that I think about it, I should probably delete that first sentence. Too poetical.
2. Where I live, it’s hot from April until, usually, sometime in late September or October. I mean hot as in 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. This summer hit 107, I think. We get all excited when it drops below 85. Plus, I love cold weather.
3. It’s the month of the Rosary. I love the Rosary. It’s easily my favorite prayer.
4. My nameday falls in this month. That would be reason enough, actually… Plus I LOVE St. Teresa of Avila, and her feast day is the day before my name day. (Try and guess who my saint is now.)
5. The dreariness of autumn appeals to me, in most moods, more than the flowers of spring. Why, yes, I do see green polka-dots dancing in front of my eyes, and I do talk in a Gollum voice to my pet rock. (Just kidding. In the second sentence, that. is.)