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Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Today is the feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, to whom our Lord showed the devotion of His Sacred Heart. She also happens to be my patroness. 

“And He [Christ] showed me that it was His great desire of being loved by men and of withdrawing them from the path of ruin that made Him form the design of manifesting His Heart to men, with all the treasures of love, of mercy, of grace, of sanctification and salvation which it contains, in order that those who desire to render Him and procure Him all the honour and love possible, might themselves be abundantly enriched with those divine treasures of which His heart is the source.” — from Revelations of Our Lord to St. Mary Margaret Alacoque

Unfortunately, I missed Mass today (I slept in) but tomorrow is her feast in the old calendar, so I’ll still be going to Mass on her feast in a way. 

Christianity, Saints, seasons


The general trend recently seems to be writing about October. So I will do so.

October is probably my favourite month. Sure, June is my birthday, and December is Christmas, and Easter is… wait, a movable feast. Drat. But anyways, for a number of reasons, October is my favorite.

1. The month is enchanted with red and gold and fading green. Well, in most places. Where I live, the show doesn’t really get going until November, if I remember aright.
Now that I think about it, I should probably delete that first sentence. Too poetical.
2. Where I live, it’s hot from April until, usually, sometime in late September or October. I mean hot as in 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. This summer hit 107, I think. We get all excited when it drops below 85. Plus, I love cold weather.
3. It’s the month of the Rosary. I love the Rosary. It’s easily my favorite prayer.
4. My nameday falls in this month. That would be reason enough, actually… Plus I LOVE St. Teresa of Avila, and her feast day is the day before my name day. (Try and guess who my saint is now.)
5. The dreariness of autumn appeals to me, in most moods, more than the flowers of spring. Why, yes, I do see green polka-dots dancing in front of my eyes, and I do talk in a Gollum voice to my pet rock. (Just kidding. In the second sentence, that. is.)