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What I’m doing

I know that in the past, I’ve not been so great about posting promised post sequels… try saying that three times fast! But I certainly shall finish that Beauty and the Beast post soon and put it up. I’ve already got part of the reply written.

Right now, I am doing the following:

Re-reading George Eliot’s incredible novel, Middlemarch. This book is simply amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. In fact, it may be my favorite novel that I’ve read. Not the best, but my favorite. This is, of course, under the traditional definition of novel – a realistic work of prose fiction, therefore excluding many books that I love (Tolkien’s work, a lot of C. S. Lewis’ work, most of Chesterton’s, all the poetry…); however, I do read quite a few traditional novels and I adore this one. 

Reading Thank You, Jeeves. O, P. G. Wodehouse! Glorious.

I’ve also been spinning quite a bit. I bought three braids of hand-painted wool on Etsy for less than seven dollars each, which was an excellent deal. Generally, comparable fiber is about $15-$22 dollars each. It was a good sale, and I’m pleased with the wool. I’ve spun up almost half of one already, and I just started on Wednesday. Knitting has been going rather well too.

Well, I’ll talk more later… about school and such. I may post pictures of my recent knitting and spinning, too.

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It’s September at last! September is one of my five favorite months, after December, June, November, and October. December because of Advent, Christmas, and Christmas break; June because it’s the month of the Sacred Heart, my birthday month (and St. Margaret Mary is my patroness! How awesome is that?) and there’s no school as a bonus, November because it’s fall and cold (I believe we get our best fall foliage here in November, too), October because it’s fall and sort of cold, and September because temperatures begin to go down from 100+ degrees and become bearable again.

Oh my goodness! Monday has a predicted high of only 86 degrees! Be still, my beating heart! And the low is in the high 60s! Let there be mirth and merrymaking! Fall is upon our doorstep! Bliss! Joy! Rapture! Ecstasy!

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July daybook

 Date… Tuesday, July 26, 2011 A. D.

Starting time… 9:34 AM

Mood… contented.

Outside my window… it’s… CLOUDY?!

I’m thinking… what the heck? It’s CLOUDY?!

I’m reading… well, yesterday I began The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge.

I’m listening to… Tell Me Ma by Gaelic Storm. “I’ll tell me ma when I go home, the boys won’t leave the girls alone/They pull my hair, they stole my comb…”

I’m wearing… A brown t-shirt that says “Pure Heart” in pink and a verse citation that I can’t read in this light but refers to a Psalm, and the black skirt I usually wear for this auspicious monthly occasion.
Yesterday, I… attended a Latin Novus Ordo Mass, made homemade bread, chatted with my friends after Mass, and almost-semi-freaked out about something to do with the approaching school year.

I’m excited for… going to the TLM this Sunday (by the way, if I ever say that I’m excited for school to begin, give me a good slap in the combox).

I’m sad because… It will be ages until I see Christendom again. 😥

I’m hungry for… doughnuts?

The song stuck inside my head is… Sweet Afton by Nickel Creek.

I want… to dance! I want to move! I need to feel the rush of the wind under my shoes!
Ahem. That was a relapse into VeggieTales.

I love… my new knitting project.

I loathe… school…….at least the math/science portion of it.

This week, my goal is… this question does not attain the dignity of a reply.

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How fickle a blogger I am

Yeah. So. I neglected y’all for another week, didn’t I? I’m a bad, bad blogger.

First things first; Lent. I’m sure all of you want to know what I’m giving up for Lent (or perhaps not). I’m trying to actually do stuff, as well, as they all say, but I think giving stuff up is frequently underrated. For someone like me, who’s fond of their comforts, I think it’s pretty important (though obviously it’s better to go to adoration and the like). To cut to the chase, I gave up meat and desserts. I ate a dessert last night anyways, because I’m a loser, but whatever. Never again! I’m going to also try to make it to Mass more often and to Eucharistic Adoration more. I’m also cutting down on Internet usage and going to try biking to the local park and back daily.

Anyways, we should always try to remember that our voluntary penances are for His sake and only useful insofar as we sacrifice ourselves to Him, and getting too fixated on them kind of defeats the purpose, I guess, which is to detach ourselves from ourselves and attach ourselves to him. I hope that made some kind of sense.

As I mentioned last week, I did see Altan perform twice last weekend. It was incredible. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I AM WATCHING ALTAN!!!! The first time was amazing enough, but the second was even better; I got a sixth or seventh row seat, and could see everything going onstage. (By the way, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, the lead singer and one of the fiddlers, is beautiful.) The singing, fiddling, everything was just beautiful. It was also pleasant to hear them introducing the songs… that Irish lilt… ah, to have a speaking voice like that! I think my favorite part was when Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh introduced one of my favorites, “Mo Choill”, saying it was one of her favorites and proceeding to sing it with exceptional loveliness. They have shot up even further in my estimation. Top class band.

I’ve been working a bit on my spinning and I have produced one small (forty gram-haven’t got the yardage yet) skein of yarn that averages probably around sport weight or so. I ought to post pictures eventually, I suppose.
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March daybook

 Date… Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Starting time… 5:37 PM

Mood… happy.

Outside my window… the sun’s last hurrah before it darkens.

I’m thinking… about the fact that I’m going to Austin, TX tomorrow, for the first time; and not even with my parents!

I’m reading… nothing at the moment *myriad cries of shock are heard* but I shall soon remedy that, I suppose.

I’m listening to… Battle of Waterloo by Old Blind Dogs.

I’m wearing… the black denim skirt. Again. Last time, so far, is the only time I haven’t worn it, I believe.
Yesterday, I… sent in my third essay for Great Books. And sewed the
buttons onto my new February Lady sweater, which looks awesome. Pics coming soon.

I’m excited for… going to Austin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sad because… it’s not tomorrow yet 😦

I’m hungry for… nothing really.

The song stuck inside my head is… Need You Now by Lady Antebellum (which isn’t exactly inappropriate or anything, but I don’t really feel like I can recommend it…)

I want… it to be tomorrow!

I love… the fact my sweet sixteen is just a tad over three months away.

I loathe… waiting.

This week, my goal is… to do well on the National Latin Exam I’m taking tomorrow.

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The Results are In

The poll informs me that 75% of my readers are against my starting a new blog for crafts. So I guess that’s out! Just as well, really.

Thanks be, the ice melted in time, and I had a lovely time at my ‘activity’ with my friends. Gratias Deo for the little things!

In cloud of clay so cast to heaven
What shape shall man discern?
These lords may light the mystery
Of mastery or victory,
And these ride high in history,
But these shall not return.

Gored on the Norman gonfalon
The Golden Dragon died:
We shall not wake with ballad strings
The good time of the smaller things,
We shall not see the holy kings
Ride down by Severn side. – G. K. Chesterton, from the Dedication to The Ballad of the White Horse which I absolutely must read.

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I have something to tell you

A confession to make. Maybe you’ve already guessed it. It’s hard to hide.

I am a nerd.

It’s true.

I have been nerdy about the following:

Star Wars
Star Trek (not so much anymore though)
Doctor Who (ditto)
The Lord of the Rings
C. S. Lewis
Heck, the Inklings in general!
G K. Chesterton
I’m in training to be a Hayao Miyazaki nerd.
Books in general
Irish music
Fonts (yes, you read that right)
And probably other things.

I have not, however, been a computer nerd. I think those are called geeks. I am not a geek. But then these fine shades of distinction are rather confusing.