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Considering new blog

Well, everyone, there is a new poll in the sidebar. I am considering moving my ‘serious’ writing to a new blog (i. e. book/movie reviews, essays, poetry, etc.) and keeping my more subjective writings here (i. e. memes, spinning/knitting, personal updates, etc). What do you think?  Please go ahead and vote.

 I’m also considering names. Preferably something memorable and not cutesy.

Also, what would you think if I assumed an actual pen name? I was thinking my first name, Margaret, and then a last name stolen from P. G. Wodehouse… which hopefully wouldn’t violate any copyright laws… say, Margaret Fink-Nottle? Something which no one could possibly mistake for my real last name.

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I just found out today that my nanotechnology essay is due not this Thursday, but NEXT Thursday. Yes!

I have decided to go with the Anglo-Saxon names for my NaNo novel. There’s a possibility I’ll discard the second lady, but right now it’s still Elfleda, Aldith, and Gledwine.

Elfleda is such a lovely name. Something interesting, a lot of Old English names do have the element “ælf” (meaning “elf”) in them, but this name actually doesn’t. It was contracted into “Elfleda” but it originally was composed of the two elements æðel “noble” and flæd “beauty”. By the way, I find all this name information off the Behind the Name website, which I rather enjoy browsing around.

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My NaNoWriMo story

Title: Starlight on the Western Seas (VERY tentative indeed)

Plot: Huh?

I haven’t decided on names yet. It really depends on what language I choose for the names, since I want them all from the same language. I have it narrowed down, essentially, to Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, or Gaelic. I already have a few characters lined up. These are the ones I’ve got already:

Female #1 is currently the main character. She would be the more sympathetic character to the audience. She’ll have dark hair and grey eyes, and her personality will likely be melancholic. I won’t make her too broody and dark, though 😉
Female #2 won’t really be unsympathetic, but won’t be completely sympathetic either. I think I’ll give her brown hair and blue eyes. I haven’t figured her completely out, but I’m leaning towards phlegmatic.
Male #1 is kinda blurry. I want him to be dark haired, but that’s a lot of brunettes. I don’t like fair hair in guys, so I might give him red hair *sigh* however, I will probably make him choleric… which would be too much of a stereotype. Oh what the heck, I’ll give him dark hair! It’s more common, anyways. I’ll give the villain fair hair, if I have to.

Here’s a very very very very very tentative name chart for them. I want their names to all come from the same language. Also, the name meaning “old battle”… well, some Anglo-Saxon names were put together to have a coherent meaning, and some were just stuck together of weird bits and pieces that have goofy meanings like that. I have modernized versions of the Anglo-Saxon names on this as well — those are the ones I would be using. I would like to hear what you think of these! Just keep in mind, I might pick a name that’s not on this list at all, so don’t be too shocked if I do!

Evidently Caoilfhionn is prounounced “Keelin” and Rioghnach is pronounced “Rin-ock”. The ck is pronounced like the “ch” in Bach.

Welsh Meaning Gaelic Meaning Anglo-Saxon Meaning Modern form

Female #1 Meinwen slender and white Caoilfhionn  slender and fair Æðelflæd Noble beauty Elfleda

Female #2 Eluned prb. “image, idol” Rioghnach derived from ‘queen’ Ealdgyð Old battle Aldith

Male #1 Iorwerth handsome lord Conleth Probably ‘chaste fire’ Glædwine Bright friend Gledwine