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What I’m doing

I know that in the past, I’ve not been so great about posting promised post sequels… try saying that three times fast! But I certainly shall finish that Beauty and the Beast post soon and put it up. I’ve already got part of the reply written.

Right now, I am doing the following:

Re-reading George Eliot’s incredible novel, Middlemarch. This book is simply amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. In fact, it may be my favorite novel that I’ve read. Not the best, but my favorite. This is, of course, under the traditional definition of novel – a realistic work of prose fiction, therefore excluding many books that I love (Tolkien’s work, a lot of C. S. Lewis’ work, most of Chesterton’s, all the poetry…); however, I do read quite a few traditional novels and I adore this one. 

Reading Thank You, Jeeves. O, P. G. Wodehouse! Glorious.

I’ve also been spinning quite a bit. I bought three braids of hand-painted wool on Etsy for less than seven dollars each, which was an excellent deal. Generally, comparable fiber is about $15-$22 dollars each. It was a good sale, and I’m pleased with the wool. I’ve spun up almost half of one already, and I just started on Wednesday. Knitting has been going rather well too.

Well, I’ll talk more later… about school and such. I may post pictures of my recent knitting and spinning, too.

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Long time, no see

Sorry for neglecting you, O Readers, for so long. A whole week!
In the meantime, I have been pretty busy.
I was privileged to see the Catholic philosopher and apologist, Peter Kreeft, speak on Monday. It was remarkable. He gave a really good talk on how to win the culture wars, and basically his answer was to become holy. I was also able to ask him a question – “Who do you think is the greatest author of the twentieth century, and why?” “C. S. Lewis. Read him, and you’ll find out.” I was somewhat surprised that he did not say G. K. Chesterton, and was bold enough to mention this when it was my turn to have my book signed by him (o bliss!). He answered “Well, perhaps he was not the creative genius that Chesterton was” but I do not remember the rest. Anyways, it was an incredible opportunity and I am so glad I went.

I also am almost finished with my February Lady sweater. I’m over halfway done with the last sleeve. I should finish it tomorrow… It is a totally seamless pattern and when it is done, all I have to do is wash it, block it and sew on the buttons. I’ve already tried it on a few times in its incomplete state and it looks great.

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Pictures of the wool

Some pictures of my most recent purchase. They don’t do it justice. I’m going to try and get my talented sister Mollie to take some pictures of it being spun up. I couldn’t help it – I started spinning it the night after I got it.
A closeup of the tag.

A shot of the pattern I got. I’m going to carefully save all my scraps…

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Guess what? It’s frozen here again! Alas, my math class is still opening tomorrow, so I still have to complete my homework, but still…. weather like this is not within my (admittedly young) memory.

I have already broken my previously mentioned resolution to cast on no more than one project a month. I knitted a baby hat, for example. However, a baby hat takes less than a day to knit, so *whisper* it doesn’t really count, right? Ahem.

By the way, have you seen these amazing socks yet? You. Must. CLICK THE LINK. If you care at all for literature and knitting, you will swoon. I swooned… well, maybe not, but still! However, I rashly promised to make whoever so desired a pair of them, if they would only pay for yarn and pattern, and am now doomed to spend the rest of the next month or two knitting them, as soon as the yarn (which is not yet ordered) is in my possession. I’m going to use Knit Picks Palette.

I have recently been seized by an attack of Startitis Maximus. What is that, you ask? A disease, of which the primary symptom is an almost uncontrollable urge to cast on new projects. It is extremely common among knitters, and frequently chronic. Though rarely fatal, results may include an ever-increasing pile of UFOs (Unfinished Objects), eight projects on the needles at once, and frustration at the sudden lack of needles to cast on yet more projects. (I actually do have seven projects right now – two unpaired socks, an unpaired mitten, two shawls, a shawlette, and a sweater. But the unpaired socks and mitten don’t count, because one sock is hibernating, one is an autopilot pattern to work on while I’m watching a movie or something, and the mitten was in hibernation for almost two years anyways. Don’t ask why that makes them not count.)

And now I bid you farewell, for I must go and finish my math homework. I wasted my homework time making molasses cookies.


A Year in Knitting

Well. Of late my knitting has been growing somewhat out of control, so I have conceived a new idea to prevent myself from casting on too many projects at a time. In order to do this, I am going to incorporate the notion of a Year of Knitting. The requirements are this:
Once a month you shall cast on a new project. You shall cast no other projects on until A; you have finished this project and B; you have finished at least one other project that currently sits in your knitting basket, languishing. You shall attempt to finish this monthly project within the month. The exception is made for March, when Lent starts, for as a penance throughout the entirety of Lent you shall not cast on any new projects till you have finished each. and. every. single. project. you. have. not. finished. (With the exception of the Woolen Irish Shawl Monster, or WISM, which has been in your possession approximately one year, and which has consumed massive amounts of yarn, apparently without growing any closer to its end.) You will keep this up to the end of the year.

I’m jumping in a month late, I realize, but oh well. I think I’ll keep this up every year. If successful, it will ensure the presence of many Christmas presents for my sadly deprived family and friends.

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Titles are tough

Alas, I have not posted for several days. This must be amended.

In recent news, my youngest sibling, my brother AJ, has just turned four. He got a lightsaber for the blessed date. Also, two days ago my third youngest sibling, Anna, turned nine. She is the only member of the family without brown hair, except for my red-headed father. She herself is a blonde.

As for other things, well, school is going okay. I recently got my lowest exam grade ever… a 68 on a chemistry exam. However, I have completed and turned in corrections, for which I will hopefully get half credit and arrive at a satisfying 84. I am still behind in Latin.

Knitting is rather unsatisfactory of late. I purchased a new skein of Malabrigo Lace, an extremely soft little skein of single-ply laceweight in a charming purple colorway known as Violetas. It is a good bargain – $8.95 at my local yarn shop. I am going to use it eventually to knit this scarf, a pattern I received for Christmas. If that was all, it would be fine, but unfortunately, there is more. I finished the first Fair Isle sock I posted about previously, but it proved uncomfortably small for my friend and will be frogged, most likely. I have cast on for a plain sock with ribbing, heel, and toe to be knit in scrap sock yarn, which I will probably give to her (if it works out, I will have to frog the first sock. Or maybe only frog it up to a certain point and turn the rest of it into some kind of pouch thingy like I saw someone on Ravelry do). I have also cast on for a pink cotton lace headscarf, in the same pattern as a shawl I have been working on, but with thicker yarn/needles and less repeats. And there’s actually more…



I am getting worse and worse. Today I went by the yarn store and bought some yarn for no good reason, other than the upcoming solemnity of Christmas and the necessity of presents. All was self-striping sock yarn on a 75% off sale, which is pretty unbeatable. (You can’t really expect a 100% sale, unfortunately.)

Here it is:

These are the socks that I have been working on since Monday. I ended up using Knit Picks Comfy Fingering for the contrasting yarn. And I’m not doing corrugated ribbing. It just wasn’t elastic enough.