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Considering new blog

Well, everyone, there is a new poll in the sidebar. I am considering moving my ‘serious’ writing to a new blog (i. e. book/movie reviews, essays, poetry, etc.) and keeping my more subjective writings here (i. e. memes, spinning/knitting, personal updates, etc). What do you think?  Please go ahead and vote.

 I’m also considering names. Preferably something memorable and not cutesy.

Also, what would you think if I assumed an actual pen name? I was thinking my first name, Margaret, and then a last name stolen from P. G. Wodehouse… which hopefully wouldn’t violate any copyright laws… say, Margaret Fink-Nottle? Something which no one could possibly mistake for my real last name.

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Yes, I know…

I still haven’t posted that second part. I will… I really will! I took the SAT last week and I have a Latin exam this coming week and I’m really truly sort o busy…

By the way, check this blog out. The author started following me, so naturally I checked it out. It’s pretty good!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I pretty much wasted Christmas vacation as far as the blog goes. I did read the first Hunger Games book recently, and I may do a review of it soon (my feelings about it were mixed, incidentally). So more to come.

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I subscribe to a free Catholic email service called Pray More Novenas which sends email reminders of various novenas (about one every month or two) every day it is said, with the prayers. I find it very useful and recommend it; and as they just sent out another email asking that bloggers post about the next novena (to St. Jude), I didn’t see any reason not to do so.

So here’s the address:

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I, gentle reader, have coined a new word. I even Googled it to make sure it didn’t exist.


Neo=new, theo=God, phobe=one who is afraid. I coined it to refer to those unfortunate New Atheists (Philip Pullman in particular), whom I hope earnestly you have never heard of, because they are wretched and ruin people’s days, besides having a fascinating ignorance of philosophy.

Spread the word! Use it whenever you get a chance (which will hopefully not be too often)! Use it whenever you talk about New Atheists to your friends in the midst of your delightful philosophical conversations!

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July daybook

 Date… Tuesday, July 26, 2011 A. D.

Starting time… 9:34 AM

Mood… contented.

Outside my window… it’s… CLOUDY?!

I’m thinking… what the heck? It’s CLOUDY?!

I’m reading… well, yesterday I began The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge.

I’m listening to… Tell Me Ma by Gaelic Storm. “I’ll tell me ma when I go home, the boys won’t leave the girls alone/They pull my hair, they stole my comb…”

I’m wearing… A brown t-shirt that says “Pure Heart” in pink and a verse citation that I can’t read in this light but refers to a Psalm, and the black skirt I usually wear for this auspicious monthly occasion.
Yesterday, I… attended a Latin Novus Ordo Mass, made homemade bread, chatted with my friends after Mass, and almost-semi-freaked out about something to do with the approaching school year.

I’m excited for… going to the TLM this Sunday (by the way, if I ever say that I’m excited for school to begin, give me a good slap in the combox).

I’m sad because… It will be ages until I see Christendom again. 😥

I’m hungry for… doughnuts?

The song stuck inside my head is… Sweet Afton by Nickel Creek.

I want… to dance! I want to move! I need to feel the rush of the wind under my shoes!
Ahem. That was a relapse into VeggieTales.

I love… my new knitting project.

I loathe… school…….at least the math/science portion of it.

This week, my goal is… this question does not attain the dignity of a reply.