a confession


I see I’ve taken a bit of a break.

I’m not dead, or sick, nor have I fallen off the face of the earth or been devoured by one of those crazy experiments that the bad guys in superhero movies are always doing and become The Magpie (I hope that’s not a real villain since I just made it up…).

No. Just school and laziness.

But I will post again soon. Maybe later today.

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I have something to tell you

A confession to make. Maybe you’ve already guessed it. It’s hard to hide.

I am a nerd.

It’s true.

I have been nerdy about the following:

Star Wars
Star Trek (not so much anymore though)
Doctor Who (ditto)
The Lord of the Rings
C. S. Lewis
Heck, the Inklings in general!
G K. Chesterton
I’m in training to be a Hayao Miyazaki nerd.
Books in general
Irish music
Fonts (yes, you read that right)
And probably other things.

I have not, however, been a computer nerd. I think those are called geeks. I am not a geek. But then these fine shades of distinction are rather confusing.