Seven Quick Takes



1. I thought of some things which I will not say if I ever meet one of the famous people whom I admire. For example: “Will you autograph my heart?” “May I lick your hand?” “I brought you this delicious bass.”

2. I’ve been drinking chamomile tea most nights for the last week or so and I think it has actually really helped my sleep pattern. It may just be a placebo effect, but I’ve noticed myself getting up earlier and possibly sleeping sounder, too. Just a thought.

3. I HAVE A SPINNING WHEEL. I am not yet sure what I will name it, hence this poll:

So far I have spun quite a lot more on it than I could have ever done with a spindle.  (By the way, I know my wheel needs a boy’s name because I tried to list that I was dating it on Facebook. It didn’t work. I am one strange little spinster.)

4. I also have a job, which is okay, but not fun. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be fun, it just has to be a method of earning a little money for college during the summer, of which there is only six! weeks! LEFT! UNTIL I GO TO COLLEGE!

5. It is so weird to think that I have had this blog (counting its Blogspot edition) since… 2010? Ah, at that time I would not have thought that in three years I would be ecstatically awaiting the beginning of orientation at UD.

6. The Tour de Fleece will end this Sunday, and I will have spun well over a pound of fiber. Thank you, beloved spinning wheel. I couldn’t have done it without you.

7. Am I the only person listening obsessively to this song? I think I’ve listened to it every day for, like, a week. I don’t know if any of the band’s other songs are any good, and I know that at least one is inappropriate, but I really love this one.


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