five faves

Linking up with Moxie Wife this week!

1. Robot Unicorn Attack… embarrassingly addictive. I use the Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution app on facebook, but I set it up so only I can see anything it does to my profile, because I would be rather humiliated if anyone outside my family knew I played it, which brings up the question of why I’m posting about it? Anyway, the Evolution version is way cool, because when you smash 4 stars in a row you evolve into a UNICORN PANDA, and then into a wolf, and so on until you become a dragon.

2. New haircut circa a couple weeks ago! Bangs! Shorter!


I look a bit manic here, don’t I?

3. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE ME!!!!! Done done done with high school… forever. 

4. I’m doing the Tour de fleece on Ravelry.com this year, where you spin yarn every day that the Tour de france rides their bicycles. I’m competing on Team TARDIS. I really like the avatar I made for it:



5. Tomorrow I turn eighteen. In our family, on birthdays we get doughnuts. I love doughnuts. Yummy.


4 thoughts on “five faves

  1. haha I know!! I was going to ask if I could link to *your* blog on *my* blog as one of those “blogs I read” things. Haha!! I love reading it so I wanted some of my readings to come here!

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