De Puellis Fanaticis…

The title is Latin for “On fanatic girls”, or more freely, “On fangirls”. 

Am I a fangirl? Let me count the ways. On the other hand, let me not, because I might scare someone away. On the third hand*, I’ll go ahead, because seriously, how many readers do I have? The ones I do have are probably so dedicated that I could rename this blog “A Blog about Pictures of Wildebeests yawning and falling asleep in mud Pits”, and they’d keep reading. Actually, that might be a good way to increase my traffic. We’ll find out how many hits I get from people googling “wildebeest yawning”. 

Anyway. Studio Ghibli, Tolkien, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars (to a lesser degree), classic movies, poetry, language, knitting, handspinning, cooking, Downton Abbey, various other BBC things, various other non-BBC miniseries adaptions, C. S. Lewis, Chesterton, Dickens, various 19th-century and early 20th-century authors (mostly English), Classics, and recently Harry Potter. Long breath. Yes. Not to mention Catholicky things, like fangirling over painfully awesome intersections between faith and nerdy things like I DON’T KNOW, THE ALL-BUT FOUNDING FATHER OF MODERN SPECULATIVE LITERATURE BEING A DEVOUT CATHOLIC???* And just fangirling over Catholicky things in general. And things in general. And things. 


Thanks for sticking around through this content-free post. But because yesterday was the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, I present you with this lovely image of the Theotokos. I have a thing for Chinese Christian art, because I think it’s lovely–delicate, reverent, faintly coloured, without being saccharine. 


via this post on Chinese iconography (note that I do not endorse everything on a blog just because I link to it, always exercise caution)


**If you don’t know who this is, you’re not my target audience. Hint: I mentioned him once already in this post.


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