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I know all 3.32 of my readers are wondering when I’m going to do a post that isn’t a link-up. Probably never! Okay, just kidding. Probably when senior year is virtually all over in about eight days (except for Latin, which doesn’t count because I like it) and I have time to read as many books as I want and write tons of short, pointless, yet brilliantly witty reviews.

Linkin’ up with Camp Patton today!

This is an incredibly useful tool when I need an exact Latin phrase, as in the essay I’m currently writing on the Aeneid.

Okay, I’m on the bandwagon. I’m entirely willing to admit that HP can be spiritually harmful to some people who have predispositions that way, and I’m not going to recommend them willy-nilly to everyone, but I’ve never had a temptation to the occult even when I was at my worst. I’ve always had a profound terror of satan and hell, so wicca and that sort of occultism has never been of interest to me, that I can recall. Also, the good characters never engage in calling on evil spirits or using Ouija boards or anything like that (at least, not so far as I’ve read–I just completed Book 5 yesterday, and I’m saving 6 and 7 until Thursday afternoon), unless you count the Divination class, which is unfortunate in my opinion but at least they consistently make fun of it. 

If you are interested, here is an extremely interesting article on then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter apparently denouncing Harry Potter. Jimmy Akin is an excellent Catholic apologist of unimpeachable orthodoxy and a nerd to boot, though I don’t know that he’s read Harry Potter himself (I think he said that he hasn’t read them somewhere, but I’m not sure). I also think that this article by Steven “The Awesome” Greydanus has considerable merit.


The article by Simcha Fisher is worth reading, but even without the article I really love this image. It’s so calming.


This quote by our Pope: ‘A Christian “who constantly complains, fails to be a good Christian: they become Mr. or Mrs. Whiner, no? Because they always complain about everything, right?” the Pope remarked in his May 7 homily at St. Martha’s residence.’ [source]


I love coconut. I used to think I disliked it, but I guess liking coconut is just one of those tastes I’m developing as I mature, like coffee and straight apple cider vinegar hummus.


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