Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I just got back from an excellent movie. You can read my thoughts about it here.

— 2 —

I made some healthy and extremely delicious oatmeal cookies today. That stuck to the pan. Like glue. Is there anything more irritating?

— 3 —

This semester is almost over, and I am SO READY. SO READY. Happily, all my classes but Latin end in less than two weeks, and my hardest final (Greek) is over. (I’m pretty sure I got my second D on a test ever, but whatever.) I’m so burnt out it’s not even funny, and I’m ready for summer to be here. I plan on spending much of my leisure time watching my favorite movies and knitting.

— 4 —

I recently started wearing lipstick regularly. It’s so different from the lip shimmers/glosses I’m used to–I have to be so careful, or else use a tissue to wipe off smears. I’m sure I’ll get better at applying it eventually, but right now it’s slightly annoying. I do like the way it looks. When my mouth is a brighter color, it makes my skin look smoother and paler in contrast, especially when I have some sunburn or red blotches on my face.

— 5 —

This is pretty hilarious. It could also be pretty useful, at least the ones like “I wish your acquaintance” and “Introduce me to your friend”. Not to be prudish or anything, but I think the world could get along just fine without a code for asking someone to kiss you. šŸ˜‰

— 6 —

I am seriously tempted to dye my hair with henna. I’ve heard that real, pure, body-art quality henna is pretty good for your hair and looks relatively natural on brunettes–more a translucent overlay of red than chemical dyes. It’s very expensive, though, so…

— 7 —
I am obsessed with oatmeal. Oatmeal is the best food ever. It’s so easy and healthy and you can eat it so many ways… I like it with 1.5 teaspoons of brown sugar, some cinnamon, and milk, but it’s also good with chocolate chips and coconut oil instead of the milk. A teaspoon or two of cocoa powder is also nice. I tried making it with coffee replacing some of the water, but it didn’t taste very good–you could hardly taste it, it just made it bitterer.

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