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From Up on Poppy Hill

 The latest American release from Studio Ghibli, From Up on Poppy Hill is easily the best movie I have seen in months, with the possible exception of Random Harvest. It is everything a Studio Ghibli movie ought to be. Exquisite visuals, a sweet and lovely plot, winsome characterizations, characteristic attention to homely details, an enchanting remembrance of times gone by.
There are two strands to the plot. The first involves a relationship between a sixteen-year-old (according to Wikipedia) girl named Umi and a slightly older boy named Shun. The second is the attempt of a group of charming schoolboys (including Shun) to save a delightful decrepit clubhouse known as the Latin Quarter, which is crammed with nooks, doors, and dust. It may be the best thing in the film.
Out of all the Ghibli films I have seen, it is easily most similar to Whisper of the Heart. For those who enjoyed that movie, it will undoubtedly be ninety minutes of bliss. As Whisper may be my favorite film of all time, it was intense happiness to me. I would like to see it again now that I know the plot, which, incidentally, is considerably more melodramatic than Whisper.
Here is a list of locations where you can see it. Note that not all locations are listed in the main page; many are on the sidebar. It was not released by Disney, so its release is much more limited than The Secret World of Arrietty. Here is a good, brief review. Please do see this movie in theaters and take some friends and family. If we want to see a wider release of Studio Ghibli films in America, we must support it with our wallets. There are still a number of Ghibli movies which have never been released in America, to my knowledge.
Content advisory: Some rather squicky plot material, which involves major spoilers. I have written it as ambiguously as possible below. My 11-year-old sister saw it, so I think it’s okay for that age range, especially since it was handled very innocently.
Two main characters who love each other find out that they may be brother and sister.

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