Belated Seven Quick Takes — Vol. 10

— 1 —

Lately I’ve been reading the Bone books. I highly recommend them, as they are beautiful graphic novels with great characters and mythology, as well as cute talking baby animals and humor. I’m about to finish the fifth book of nine. There is almost no objectionable content–two pretty innocent bathing scenes in the first book (she remains clothed, though you see some leg), and a few misuses of the Lord’s name in the first part of the same book. (One main character also wears some low-cut gowns and things.)

— 2 —

 I’m officially going to University of Dallas this fall to study classical philology, and I’m THRILLED. Some readers might remember that my first choice was originally Christendom College, but I changed my mind.

— 3 —

Why? Well, I started studying Greek in earnest this year at co-op, and I realized then how much I wanted to study classics, and UD has an excellent classics program–better than Christendom’s. In addition, my parents prefer that I not go as far away as Virginia, since I’m the first to leave the nest. I’ll still be living on campus at UD, but it’s not nearly as distant as Christendom. UD also gave me very good scholarship money, and although Christendom also offered me a generous scholarship, there is also the travel money to be considered, and I didn’t want to go there enough anymore to try for the two full-tuition scholarships.

— 4 —

I also think that UD will prepare me better for grad school in classics and the job market. It will look more impressive on grad school applications, and the somewhat less sheltered aspect will probably be good in some ways, though it’s not for everyone. It’s an orthodox college, to be sure, but there are non-Catholics there as well (both students and teachers, though theology teachers do take the oath of fidelity), it’s much bigger (over three times the size), and you don’t have to dress up for class (okay, that’s a pretty silly aspect, but it will be nice to wear jeans to class at least sometimes). I do wish there was a modesty dress code, but I will certainly be taking advantage of the lack of a special dress code for class.

— 5 —

I want to take a moment here to thank someone who I have never met and who does not know I exist. This person’s name is Tom Shippey. When I was eleven years old or so, I read his book The Road to Middle-Earth and discovered the science of philology. My life has not been the same since. He awakened the love of language in me as language, the hunger after the origins of words and the delight in their shape and in their relations to other words. Would I have ever seen the loveliness in syntactic subtleties without him?

— 6 —

I keep listening to this song over and over again. I love it, and it fits the plot of the movie Random Harvest very well, I think. You should check out this movie. It is a tearjerker and an awesome chick flick. Besides, how can you not love Ronald Colman and Greer Garson?

— 7 —
This should have been the first take, but pray for Jennifer at ConversionDiary.com and her baby boy!

2 thoughts on “Belated Seven Quick Takes — Vol. 10

  1. "I also think that UD will prepare me better for grad school in classics and the job market."It isn't the job market to worry about, it is the student debt.

  2. Actually, with the scholarships I was given, I won't have very much debt at all. At any rate, my parents and I made the decision that the education I'll get will be worth any debt that I have to pay off. I know some people think it's very important to graduate debt-free, and I think that's great! It's just not as important to me. I could have probably gotten a full ride to University of Texas at Austin to study classics, but UD provides a more Christian environment, which is very important to me. I hope I haven't come off as rude. :)Anyway, thanks for commenting–I checked out your blog and I found interesting your post on indoctrination and corporations. I wish more conservatives would recognize the harm that big business does, instead of only talking about big government.

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