Pope Francis!

Am I excited?

 You bet I’m excited!

We really don’t know very much about our new Holy Father, but what I do know is all good. Everything I have heard says that he’s deeply orthodox and prayerful, that he loves the poor, that he is humble, and most importantly, that he loves our Lord Jesus Christ. I was touched when he asked the people to pray for the Lord to bless him.

Oh, and did you know he is the first Pope in over a thousand years to choose a completely new name? (Not counting John Paul, since that name is a combination of the two preceding Popes’ names.) Evidently, the most recent pope to do so was Pope Lando (!), who kept his own name. I’m just going to post the brilliant joke here as a screencap:

The important thing to remember here is that “De Imperio Reverberante” is Latin for… well, this will give you the idea. “De” means “concerning” in this context.


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