Seven Quick Takes — Volume 9

— 1 —

I should be studying for the National Latin Exam, because this is my last chance to do so, because today I had a doctor’s appointment, in about 1.5 hours I’m going to my homeschool honor society meeting, and then I’m taking the exam, and then I hopefully am going to the library to pick up 10 holds or so, which I placed on a whim when I should have been studying.

— 2 —

Scottish oatmeal is about the yummiest thing eeeeeeeeever.

— 3 —

Taylor Swift + a goat. I know!

— 4 —

I got my Half Price Books spring coupons via email today. Woo hoo!

— 5 —

I swear by using beans in desserts now. It sounds gross and weird at first, but after making cookies, healthy cookie dough dip, and cake with beans, I proclaim that it works.

— 6 —

Maybe I should be ashamed to admit it, but I’m finishing these quick takes on Saturday. So I can say that the  National Latin Exam went well, I think. I’m pretty sure about all but two or three questions.

— 7 —
I read the Communist Manifesto for my Great Books class this past week. The strangest part was that it began with apparently condemning the horrible things that modern industry did (or was said to do, at any rate–it did do a lot of bad things, I’m just dubious that it did all the things that the Marxists said it did), and then seemed to turn around and say “So you all accuse us of wishing to do these terrible deeds, but the truth is that these terrible deeds have already been done by you, you losers,” without, as far as I remember, actually denying that they want to do them. Le sigh.
 It reminded me of what G. K. Chesterton said about socialists; essentially that he agreed with them on the things that they wished to destroy, but hated what they wanted to do instead.
Happy feast of St. John Bosco!

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