7 Quick Takes — Volume 8

— 1 —

Hey! It’s my seventh seven quick takes! Alas, it is my eighth. I just checked.

— 2 —

Can I reward myself with a cookie? No? Darn it.

— 3 —

Our vacation was okay, in case you were wondering. It wasn’t awesome, but I don’t really like going on vacation anyway, and it wasn’t horrible. We stayed in a really nice house instead of a horrible fluorescent-lit damp buggy cabin, and the house had a nice TV and a nice kitchen and tons of spiritual books, including at least 5 copies of “An Introduction to the Devout Life”. (An acquaintance kindly let us use their house, which is why we stayed there–it was a great house.) However, no one caught any edible fish, and we were iced in from Wednesday afternoon until we left two days later, so we didn’t even get to go to the shops again. What I did do was bake scones and cookies, drink massive amounts of hot beverages (hot cocoa, tea, and coffee), read on my mom’s Kindle (I idiotically didn’t bring my Nook), and watch some movies.

— 4 —

Which reminds me I should probably go and bake some butterscotch brownies for the bake sale benefiting my sister’s Irish dance school.

— 5 —

I LOVE Trader Joe’s.

That is all.

— 6 —

One of the few things about college I’m not looking forward to is the cafeteria food. No longer will I be able to personally control virtually every controllable aspect of my eating. No more will I be able to control my fat intake, decide whether I’m going to make rice or potatoes, choose between broiling the pork or frying it, or microwave a sweet potato when everyone else is having white ones. (In case you didn’t guess, I do a fair amount of the dinner cooking around my house (maybe about 1/3-1/2, depending), not because my mom is a horrible slave-driver, but because I just love cooking and messing with recipes and coming up with new ones and testing new ones. It’s extremely pleasurable to me..) Instead I will dolefully get in the least disgusting-seeming line.

Woe, woe to epicurean I.

— 7 —
It’ll probably be good for my soul (though possibly not my body), because I’m already obsessed with food as it is. I was about to write that 4/7 of these takes were about food, but I looked and every single one except the 1st mentions it. It would appear that I am sadly vulnerable to the sin of gluttony, which encompasses not only eating too much, but being excessively interested in eating. (Check the online Catholic Enyclopedia–a most interesting subject.)

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