Seven Quick Takes – Vol. 6

— 1 —
Want some low-fat, healthy, yummy, soft, chocolate cookies, pre-tested in my professional lab the kitchen, using simple ingredients that most people have lying around the house, with the additional properties of being easily modified to be both gluten and dairy-free? You do? 
Here you go! (My main mods were to use coconut oil instead of olive oil and white beans instead of black, plus adding a little extra flour since the batter seemed pretty wet, and baking an extra minute.)
— 2 —

I can’t believe Lent is almost here. I considered giving up coffee, but I considered the dictum that one ought not to do penances that are penances for other people (unnecessary ones, that is). Plus I don’t think I need the caffeine withdrawal headaches and the drowsiness. Maybe I’ll cut down, though, since I’ve been drinking two to four cups a day lately (usually two or three, but I admit that in the last week or two I’ve had four… more than once).

— 3 —

Honestly, nothing much is new since my last post–not blogworthy things, anyway. I doubt you’re interested in the weird black mark next to my fingernail where I hurt my cuticles (subcutaneous scab, maybe) or in the character I opened up on Mario Kart Wii, or on the fact that St. Valentine’s Day is on a co-op day this year, and love is in the air… or not. I hope not. Ick.

— 4 —

Not that I have a problem with love. Just, uh, I’ll pass.

— 5 —

Personally, I think that wearing fresh pajamas, having just showered, and going to sleep in a lovely, clean-smelling, warm bed, is an underappreciated pleasure, particularly if one reads in bed before turning out the light and sleeping.

— 6 —

We’re going on vacation the weekend after this and I’m looking forward to it, despite the almost certainty that as soon as I get there I’ll be impatient to get home. I don’t know why, but I always do. It’s not lacking the Internet (it’s the same when it’s available), or lacking reading, or missing my family (they’re with me!), and certainly not missing my classes (hah! My teachers are nice and all, but are you kidding me?). I guess I just like my house a lot?

— 7 —
This video is just too cute.

One thought on “Seven Quick Takes – Vol. 6

  1. I agree with your number 5! Our family loves camping, and we go every year, and I totally enjoy being in the mountains for a week . . . but still, one of the greatest pleasures of camping is that first night back at HOME, taking a SHOWER and sleeping in a BED with SHEETS. 😀

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