what am I doing?

Reading War and Peace. I need to read just a selection for school, but I’m going to try to read the whole thing. I’m really enjoying it. BTW, I grabbed the Dunnigan translation because I heard that was the best one, and it was at Half Price Books for just three dollars in the Signet Classic paperback edition, in case you’re interested.

Reading Les Miserables. And loving it. The annoying bits are even more skippable than I thought, and the good bits… well, they’re not bits. Practically the whole thing is good, at least as far as I’ve read (which is less than halfway, yet I’ve read over 600 pages, if you pretend I didn’t skip that long bit about the battle of Waterloo).

Knitting this baby sweater for a teacher’s baby — the 6-12 month size in fingering weight, modified to include 4 row stripes in a slightly teal-ish medium blue and a slightly-lighter-than-navy blue. I rarely purchase individual patterns, since there are so many beautiful free patterns and knitting books available, but this pattern is totally worth the money. You get the same lovely, unisex, simple sweater pattern in three yarn weights and seven sizes in each weight, along with three different options for the sleeves (short, long straight, and long tapered). It’s also easy to embellish.

Nursing my cut finger. I was opening a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen fries with a knife on Thursday evening and gashed my left index finger. Happily, I can still knit, but spinning’s not so easy. I don’t need that finger to actually do the spinning part, but I do use it to wind the length of yarn onto the spindle, and using my middle finger is uncomfortable.


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