Sonnet II

I woke one night when stern December crept

Upon the air. I pressed my fevered cheek

Against the stony wall, so rough and bleak.

The wind had choked the silent house as I slept.

I rose to breath the drifting starry light,

And lest I dream some mindless shape of gloom.

Fleeing the silent breathless fears that loom

Over my mind, I strode from night to night.

A lesser night than that which haunts my thoughts,

Which with unceasing power stirs my restive heart

To useless tears, and wastes its fading lights

On old regrets, but takes in joys no part.

Look, look: the clouds have covered ev’ry star.

Here only blackness lies. The dawn is far.

Copyright belongs solely and entirely to the author and poster of the above work. Please do not distribute or modify this work in any way without the express permission of its creator.

Maggie D.


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