Seven Quick Takes IV

— 1 —

Jennifer Fulwiler, who hosts these Quick Takes, is not only the mother of five children under the age of nine with a sixth on the way, but has pulmonary clots. Please pray for her.

— 2 —

So I got my order from this Etsy shop on Monday (one I ordered with a Christmas gift certificate) plus some lovely wool roving and yarn tags that I won in a drawing (yay!!!) and it is goooooooooorgeous. I love it! I got five little batts (a kind of fiber preparation) and a little braid of wool, plus a couple samples. I’m working on a pink and yellow batt (with a tiny bit of purple) right now. So yummy.

— 3 —

I’ve been reading The Young Chesterton Chronicles lately, since I got them for Christmas. They’re a reimagining of a teenaged G. K. Chesterton in a steampunk Edwardian England, complete with aliens, secret societies, and Father Brown. Sounds great, right? Well, I finished #1 yesterday, and I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t as brilliant as it sounds. It was rather poorly written (someone get this guy an editor, please) and tried to hint subtly at the truth of Catholicism and failed. At the subtle part, that is. It was, however, entertaining, funny, and clean, so you could do considerably worse than check it out. I’m hoping the second one will turn out better. Its cover is frankly lovely, especially coupled with the evocative title.

— 4 —

Just in case anyone was curious, I got my high heels. I wore them to the dance, but I didn’t dance in them, though–at my mother’s orders suggestion, I brought a pair of brown flats to dance in.

— 5 —
We had some “festive lasagna” from this cookbook the other day. It was delicious. My mom made “Hermit’s Soup” from the same cookbook, which was not delicious. However, I recommend the cookbook because it’s full of simple recipes, all of which, I believe, are friday-friendly. I believe the author comes from a monastery which abstains from meat. There are some recipes for fish.
— 6 —

I never did try those nutella/oatmeal/peanut butter cookies, but I did make some oatmeal cookies the other day. I used this recipe, but I added about 2/3 cup mini chocolate chips, used all whole wheat, used 2/3 cup brown sugar, omitted the white sugar, added extra vanilla, omitted the optional raisins, omitted the spices, and omitted the shortening, using just the 1/4 cup butter and adding an extra egg to make up for it. Actually, that doesn’t sound much like the original recipe. Oh well.

— 7 —
I’m hungry now.

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