haapppppppppppppy new year

I was watching I Love Lucy and knitting and I was cold because it’s about 36 degrees outside and it doesn’t feel that different in here, so I reheated a little cup of coffee around 10 PM and drank it to heat me up. I also put on some socks, wrapped a blanket around my waist, and put a shawl on over my shoulders. That is why I’m awake and typing instead of curled up in my nice warm bed trying to sleep. 

Anyway, here’s for a happy new year. My resolutions? Renew the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary before I go to college, lose some weight, and make a cheese souffle. Actually, I just made that up on the spot because I’ve never made a souffle and it seemed lopsided to have just two resolutions. I’ll do it, though, because cheeeeeeeeeeese sounds good. Cheese? Yes, I’m a little obsessed with cheese right now. Cheese on tacos, cheese pizza, aged cheddar on crackers, cheese cheese cheese. 

My consolation right now is that I’m probably not the only one who feels like a big fat pig at the moment. Today I chubbed out on so many sweets that I’m ashamed to enumerate them all. Not to mention two and a half delicious tacos (1 was lunch and the 1.5 was dinner–my mom made delicious carne/carnitas/carnita or whatever it’s called, Mexican pork, for the New Year’s Eve party and it is sooooooo good) and three cups of sweet coffee. I showed restraint and withheld my hand from the soda. Aren’t you proud? 

Oversharing, right? Oh well. I’ll probably write some serious book or movie review to post on my serious blog tomorrow after I go shoe shopping and have my blue dress altered. Did I mention I might be going to a dance on Saturday? Did I mention that I’ve gone dancing about once in the past 365 days? Did I mention that I love dancing? Did I mention that I’m not so great at it?

By the way, I’m getting high heels tomorrow. I’ve never had really real high heels before, unless you count a couple pairs of very short little heels that I either wore out or outgrew years ago. However, I’m unsure whether I’ll actually come home with high heels because of the following criteria they must meet:

1) Be pretty
2) Be either brown, black, silver, gold, or the same/similar shade of blue as my dress
3) Be high heels
4) Be not too high to wear to my co-op that has a rule against excessively high heels without saying just how high is too high
5) Be not too high to contra dance in
6) Be at least comfortable enough that I won’t cripple myself
7) Not slip off my feet when I do anything more complex than walk
8) Be inexpensive

See what I mean?

Anyway, sorry about dumping this long, poorly written, miscellaneous batch of TMI paragraphs on you.


2 thoughts on “haapppppppppppppy new year

  1. Haha that's a lot of criteria! Good luck finding a pair. I had a passion for high heals a few years back – as in that's pretty much all I wore out (usually low ones, of course), perhaps because I'm short. So I've got a fair collection, but it can be so hard to find high heals that are pretty and don't fall off (or pinch).And you're not the only one who's been pigging out… nuff said. 🙂

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