Finally, after weeks of writing about and discussing liberty, I have it.
That’s right, SCHOOL. IS. OVER. UNTIL. 2013.
I’m free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I have Latin left. But that’s okay. Latin is fun and Latin 4 is nothing compared to elementary Greek, let me tell ya. Greek sucks out your soul. Hopefully it will spit it out again with the ability to read Plato and Euripides, but that’s a long time coming. I do love it, but it’s hard. What idiot decided to let Latin have an ablative case but not Greek? It really needs it! What kind of maniac uses prepositions with the GENITIVE???? AND THE DATIVE???????????
Sorry, the philologist in me was peeking out through his bars. Excuse me.
Anyway, I’m going to do one of those enormously entertaining memes where you put down a list of twelve characters and have them interact with each other. You will see it later today.
I intend to do more blogging during my MONTH!!!! LONG!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!! BREAK!!!! in between frantically knitting socks and watching more BBC miniseries/old TV shows/long movies with subtitles recommended by random people which I previously checked out on IMDB to make sure were appropriate so don’t get too worried/library DVDs than are good for me.
See you later!
BTW: I am now accepted to both Christendom College and University of Dallas! I’m still completing my Franciscan application.

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