Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

This is the Hobbit Edition! Yep, I saw the midnight premiere last night. My very first midnight premiere! (Irrelevant, but I can’t figure out how to stop this dumb white highlighting.)

— 2 —

There were some seriously strange people in line there. As in, a guy with piercings all over his face, who claimed to be afraid of my knitting needles (yes, I toted a couple socks with me, but I didn’t get much done after they let us into the theater around 10:30-ish).

— 3 —

The movie was honestly much better than I expected. I expected it to be butchered, but in truth it was only about half butchered. The Dwarvish songs and the flashbacks into the Dwarvish halls of Erebor were stunning and perfect.

— 4 —

 Butchering #1: They made Bilbo WAY TOO BRAVE AND SMART for this part of the book. When he ********SPOILERS************ 
jumps out from a tree and defends Thorin, it totally destroys any latent drama that would have occurred later (presumably in the second or third movie, depending on how they divide them) when he makes the decision, at the book’s climax, to proceed into Smaug’s lair. Gone. Poof. Not to mention that HE delays the trolls, not Gandalf, and he actually guesses “Time” as the answer of the riddle rather than stumbling upon it by accident.

— 5 —

#2: Too. Many. Big. Set. Pieces. How many freaking battle scenes does a person need? Apparently way too many. You should see how they spoil the storm giants by over-emphasis. Ugh. Not to mention extraneous subplots that have no place in the Hobbit.

— 6 —

Well, that’s all the butchering I want to talk about. All I can say is that overall it was immensely enjoyable, especially since I had low expectations and was thus not disappointed.

— 7 —
Did you know that movie theater popcorn “butter” is actually dyed and scented oil? (Is anyone surprised?) My mom says that if  you saw the color it was before they colored it, you would never eat it. Apparently it’s a kind of greyish, sludgy tone. 


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