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Charles Dickens

I’m currently on a Charles Dickens reading binge. He’s AWESOME. Since September 1, I’ve read David Copperfield, Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickleby, and Our Mutual Friend. Right now I’m over halfway through Little Dorrit. So far, all of them have been extremely enjoyable except Great Expectations, which I didn’t care for.

I watched the version of David Copperfield with Maggie Smith as Betsy Trotwood and that kid who plays Harry Potter (which I’ve never actually seen or read) as young David. It leaves out a ton, and the last ten minutes or so are about as compressed as anything could be, but it’s pretty good. Maggie Smith is note-perfect.

Anyway, Dickens is excellent. He’s comic, romantic, tragic, dramatic, and poetic. You can’t do better than read Dickens. I would regret that I started reading him so late, but now I get to enjoy all of his books for the first time. Delightful!

By the way, if any of my three or so readers is familiar with any good movie or TV adaptions of Charles Dickens, I would appreciate it if you would share them in the combox.


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