I’m bored. Let’s do Daybooks again.

Update: I don’t know how to get rid of the white highlighting. I tried messing with the highlighter thingy, but it doesn’t seem to help.

November Daybook

Date… Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Starting time… 10:19 AM

Mood… content.

Outside my window… cold air, dry leaves, and a blue sky. The way I like it.

I’m thinking… about my visit to UD coming up this weekend.

I’m reading… Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens.

I’m listening to… ‘The Breton & Galician Set’ by Old Blind Dogs. Very pretty.

I’m wearing… purple plaid skirt and navy blue top.

Yesterday, I… finished my Great Books reading (Rousseau–better than Hume but still pretty dreadful) and knitted quite a bit on my mom’s Christmas socks. She picked out the pattern and yarn herself.

I’m excited for… visiting UD this weekend!

I’m sad because… I’m totally not prepared for the Latin exam for the scholarship.

I’m hungry for… nothing.

The song stuck inside my head is… ‘The Legend of Ashitaka’ theme from Princess Mononoke (a brilliant yet disturbing movie–I’m reluctant to recommend it because of its overt paganism, but this track is fascinating and haunting).

I want… to be sure I’m not going to catch stomach flu from my sister just in time to prevent me from visiting UD.

I love… this weather.

I loathe… stomach flu.

This week, my goal is… to do brilliantly on that scholarship exam.

3 thoughts on “I’m bored. Let’s do Daybooks again.

  1. It's definitely worth the time. An extraordinary movie, despite its flaws. Apart from any objectionable content, it has VERY strong Japanese pagan themes, though, so if that's something that makes you uncomfortable you should be aware of it. It's also pretty violent, unlike the other films I've seen from Miyazaki. I'm divided on whether such films are spiritually dangerous or not, but this is one of the cases where you'll have to use your prudential judgment.

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