UPDATE: I see that there’s a ton of weird blogger-code? stuff in the middle of this post. I’m leaving it up in the hopes that it will disappear, but rest assured that I didn’t write all of that stuff.

This is just a post to vent about how I really want to go to University of Dallas now, and major in Classical Philology (SO ME) and minor in German, and do cool things, and be a smart intellectual Cool Person, but I have an inner conviction that it will end up being cheaper for me to go to Christendom, and I’ll have to go there, and IT. WILL. STINK.

I know it wouldn’t stink (if that actually happens), but my stupid brain hates me. I just reallllllllllllllly love Latin and Greek
In short, I am in love with classics. My dreams of an English major are now little more than wisps. If I do go to Christendom, I may compensate to myself for missing out on German and classical philology by double-majoring in English and Classics, but… classics come first. No English major/Classics minor for me.

Sorry for this long and foolish post.


6 thoughts on “procrastinating

  1. Yep. UD is the bomb, to use a common phrase. They've a concentration in medieval/Renaissance studies which looks pretty awesome. But the only way I'll probably get there is if i can manage a national merit Scholarship. However, they do give scholarships to pretty much everyone who applies, unless your SAT is really low.

  2. I forgot about that! It does look like an attractive concentration. If there were but world enough and time… sigh. Are you taking the PSAT tomorrow? I'll pray for you. I think it's so bizarre how it's really more important than the SAT, because the SAT counts more than once and the PSAT… you have one shot (one that matters, anyway). (BTW, a lady whose daughter went to UD told my mom that she went to the Financial Aid people and asked if they could give her anything, and checks would just appear in her mailbox. So definitely try out the financial aid people.)Yep, I've been using the scholarship calculation and I do get a pretty good amount of money, and I'm competing for the Classics departmental scholarship, too. Nor will we have to buy airplane tickets, like we would for Christendom. So it might work out.

  3. I hope it does work out!!! I'm taking the PSAT on halloween, of all times, as a practice eound. Since I'm in 10th grade, it shan't count, but practice is useful! It is curiuos, the whole deal with assessment tests…

  4. Oh good! That it doesn't count yet, I mean. I'm sure that you've already been told this, but PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. :DTheir Rome campus just looks amazing. So beautiful…

  5. Oh, Maggie, you already are the smart intellectual cool person. But then again I am completely biased. ;-)I love it that the three people who have commented are really considering UD! lol! Their Philosophy department looks BRILLIANT! I really hope for National Merit… 🙂

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