UPDATE: I see that there’s a ton of weird blogger-code? stuff in the middle of this post. I’m leaving it up in the hopes that it will disappear, but rest assured that I didn’t write all of that stuff.

This is just a post to vent about how I really want to go to University of Dallas now, and major in Classical Philology (SO ME) and minor in German, and do cool things, and be a smart intellectual Cool Person, but I have an inner conviction that it will end up being cheaper for me to go to Christendom, and I’ll have to go there, and IT. WILL. STINK.

I know it wouldn’t stink (if that actually happens), but my stupid brain hates me. I just reallllllllllllllly love Latin and Greek
In short, I am in love with classics. My dreams of an English major are now little more than wisps. If I do go to Christendom, I may compensate to myself for missing out on German and classical philology by double-majoring in English and Classics, but… classics come first. No English major/Classics minor for me.

Sorry for this long and foolish post.