My latest obsession

So I was just doing my thing, wasting time on Facebook, when I noticed that the apologist Jimmy Akin (whose feed I subscribe to) had posted a YouTube video illustrating how to cook a Japanese dish made of grated carrots, tuna fish, and eggs. (It sounds gross to me, too.) I watched it out of boredom, and was surprised to find that the video began, after the shot of the food, with a shot of a grey poodle and an invisible narrator saying “Hi I am Francis, the host of this show ‘Cooking with Dog’.” Weird, huh? (By ‘cooking with dog’ is meant ‘cooking accompanied by a dog’, not ‘cooking a dog’.)

Well, I liked the video, and I was intrigued by the thought of a show hosted by a kind-looking Japanese lady apparently named “Cook” and narrated by a grey poodle named Francis, so I clicked on the YouTube channel and was delighted to find that there are dozens of these videos, mostly illustrating how to cook Japanese dishes in a concise and interesting format. I love cooking, and these seem to be pretty good recipes. So I thought I would share them with you. I haven’t tried any out, and some look bizarre to my Western palate, but others look pretty tasty. The link: Cooking with Dog.
(The usual caution about YouTube comments applies, of course.)


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