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I write like who?

I’ve written before* about the unreliability of this test, but this time, however unreliable the results probably are, I’m delighted with the results.

I write like
Jane Austen
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I put this post into the analyzer.Oddly enough, it wasn’t Jane Austen I was aiming at, it was the feel of the reviews here. (It’s not plagiarism to imitate a style, right? Unless you imitate particular peculiarities… try saying that three times fast. Anyway, I’m happy to admit that I greatly admire Decent Films, because reading it introduced me to film criticism and it is unlikely I would have the ability to criticize as I did in that piece if I had never read him. Anyway, I just looked at the review again and  it’s not much  like his writing, so never mind.) If I’ve really absorbed Jane Austen’s lovely, long, complex sentences, I’m very happy.

*Note: since writing that post almost two years ago, my opinion of H P. Lovecraft has improved.  This  is partly a result of exploring the Catholic sci-fi blogging subculture [!]. Jimmy Akin, for example (admittedly not really in the sci-fi blogging subculture, though definitely in the Catholic apologetics blogging subculture) admires him a lot. I’m not linking to the other ones I have in mind because I’m not sure they’re quite reader-friendly. I actually link rarely, because I don’t know the age and maturity of most of my readers, and don’t wish to scandalize them by linking to a website, even a Catholic one, which might cause them to blush. That’s also why I recommend books, movies, and TV shows infrequently. I may be over-scrupulous in that matter, but better safe than sorry. In real life, I bestow my praise much more freely.


4 thoughts on “I write like who?

  1. Congradulations on your excellent imitation of one of the finest lady-authoresses ever!!! I tried the test after reading your post–apperently I write like the obscure "Cory Doctorow", whoever he may be, or Shakespeaere; not sure how similar the two may be..

  2. I've used that test before. The first time I tried it, I was aiming for Lovecraft on a Cthulhu mythos story I wrote and got Kurt Vonnegut instead. I wonder if Vonnegut every did any Cthulhu stories….

  3. That's kind of weird. I wonder how it does the 'analysis' – vocabulary, sentence structure, or what. My sister once got Tolkien as her author, actually. I think she used the words 'leaf' and 'light' in the piece, which is probably the explanation.

  4. Well I took a look at Call of Cthulhu a bit after I got the Vonnegut result and I think it was right in not giving me Lovecraft, at least. What I find interesting is what it does when the style is not a very good match to anything. I took a passage from Lovecraft and tried it, and it correctly identified it as him, but I wonder now what it would have said if I did this before Lovecraft were born, or if they didn't account for him.As a test, I put some Plato in and got James Joyce. Hah! I also put Chesterton in and it said Dan Brown. How is Dan Brown worth analyzing and Chesterton not? I mean, really. Silly program.Hmm. A percent confidence along with the answer (and more author suggestions) so that we know which ones are probably worth dismissing would probably make me stop complaining.

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