As you can undoubtedly see on the sidebar, my name is Maggie. I have another blog, but I’ve relegated that one to more desultory subjects, like handicrafts and memes, and I intend to use this blog to write about more serious subjects, though hopefully not to commit the error condemned by G. K. Chesterton – that is, of taking literature seriously.

The blog title is drawn from Tegner’s Drapa. I chose it because C. S. Lewis, in his delightful autobiography Surprised by Joy, referred to the poem as awakening Sehnsucht, or Joy. I chose this line specifically because it is lovely and moving, and also because another favorite, “Balder the beautiful is dead, is dead” would make a rather poor blog title.

A few things about me would be in order, I suppose. I’m a Catholic, and more specifically a Catholic who believes all the teachings of the Church, and still more specifically a Catholic who prefers the Traditional Latin Mass, or the Tridentine Mass, though it’s not like I absolutely cannot stand the Novus Ordo (fortunately, since I cannot yet drive and my family goes to the Novus Ordo every Sunday and on weekdays sometimes).

I have several interests, and the primary one is reading. I tend to read lots of nineteenth century/early twentieth century literature, particularly Victorian literature, and generally English literature. I’m studying Latin, which I love, and I intend to study Greek this fall. I like knitting a lot, and I also handspin yarn on spindles, which is awesome, and eventually I’ll probably write a blog post explaining why. (Not that I’m awesome for spinning, but in itself it’s a wonderful thing to do, especially for people who work with yarn.)

I also like various other nerdy things which I’ll probably talk about. However, I think this introduction is sufficiently narcissistic, so I’ll stop here. I hope you’ll come back and read more, and leave a comment.


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