Downton Abbey

Hello everyone. It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?

****Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any immoral things that are done, spoken of, or written into the TV series Downton Abbey, nor am I recommending the TV show. However, since most of my readers have probably already seen it, I might as well write about it.****

I finally watched the Downton Abbey Christmas special last night.


So Matthew and Mary are finally getting married. AT LAST. It’s about time! Initially, I thought that Mary didn’t deserve him, but then I remember that Matthew has been a whiny jerk too, so they deserve each other now. I read an article lately that confirmed that they will be married in season three.

End Spoilers.

I know that quite a few blogs have probably posted about this already, but I have some suggestions for those suffering now that season two is over. TV suggestions, that is. None of these are the same as Downton Abbey, and in my opinion a good TV show has a unique atmosphere which cannot be duplicated, but these will satisfy your appetite for English costume dramas.

1. Wives and Daughters. I highly recommend reading the book first; it is long but excellent. However, it is unfinished. The author died before tying up the ending. Happily, I quite like the ending that they wrote for the TV miniseries. Note that this features both Mrs. Crawley and Sir Richard Carlisle. I would like to point out that this actor (Iain Glen) plays a character almost exactly like Sir Richard; SPOILERS he tries to blackmail a woman into marrying him and has some lines on his love for her being greater than hers for him, if I remember correctly.

2. Pride and Prejudice. I’ve only seen the 2005 version and the 1995 version. I’m not a Keira Knightley fan, and the 1995 version is lovely. I highly recommend it. Reread the book, too.

3. Emma (the one with Gwyneth Paltrow). It’s not as good as the book, and highly compressed, but good nonetheless. Caveat: Gwyneth Paltrow is pro-abortion. I watched this on Netflix Streaming, but I don’t recommend buying it for this reason. Get it from the library if you don’t have Netflix. Actually, just get Netflix. Don’t download it illegally, either.

These are my top three recommendations. I haven’t watched all that many, but these are all very good.

However, my number one recommendation is to reread Jane Austen.


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