My decision is made. The die is cast.

New blog. There were eight votes in the poll (it says nine, but one was my vote). Three for, two against. However, since this blog is not a democracy, I overruled the poll and decided to make a new blog, which I have not yet done. I think I’ll actually stop using this one completely. Honestly, the more I look at it, the nicer WordPress looks. It just looks less… jumbly. Chunky.


8 thoughts on “My decision is made. The die is cast.

  1. Just one tiny warning about WordPress…it has a lot of spammers for some reason, even though it's really beautiful. My mom used to have a blog there, and she got hundreds of spam comments. But it does have an automatic spam detector, so you don't have to mark the comments…

  2. Hey Maggie, have you looked at the new Blogger themes? They're much cleaner than the old ones. And I can attest to Rosamund's comment, I got so much spam when I used WordPress.

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