If you haven’t already…

go ahead and vote in the sidebar poll. I think I’ll close it tomorrow.

One thing: I think that I’m going to use WordPress. Not that I don’t like Blogger, but WordPress has a cleaner look.

Blog, dear readers, names

Considering new blog

Well, everyone, there is a new poll in the sidebar. I am considering moving my ‘serious’ writing to a new blog (i. e. book/movie reviews, essays, poetry, etc.) and keeping my more subjective writings here (i. e. memes, spinning/knitting, personal updates, etc). What do you think?  Please go ahead and vote.

 I’m also considering names. Preferably something memorable and not cutesy.

Also, what would you think if I assumed an actual pen name? I was thinking my first name, Margaret, and then a last name stolen from P. G. Wodehouse… which hopefully wouldn’t violate any copyright laws… say, Margaret Fink-Nottle? Something which no one could possibly mistake for my real last name.