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What I’m doing

I know that in the past, I’ve not been so great about posting promised post sequels… try saying that three times fast! But I certainly shall finish that Beauty and the Beast post soon and put it up. I’ve already got part of the reply written.

Right now, I am doing the following:

Re-reading George Eliot’s incredible novel, Middlemarch. This book is simply amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. In fact, it may be my favorite novel that I’ve read. Not the best, but my favorite. This is, of course, under the traditional definition of novel – a realistic work of prose fiction, therefore excluding many books that I love (Tolkien’s work, a lot of C. S. Lewis’ work, most of Chesterton’s, all the poetry…); however, I do read quite a few traditional novels and I adore this one. 

Reading Thank You, Jeeves. O, P. G. Wodehouse! Glorious.

I’ve also been spinning quite a bit. I bought three braids of hand-painted wool on Etsy for less than seven dollars each, which was an excellent deal. Generally, comparable fiber is about $15-$22 dollars each. It was a good sale, and I’m pleased with the wool. I’ve spun up almost half of one already, and I just started on Wednesday. Knitting has been going rather well too.

Well, I’ll talk more later… about school and such. I may post pictures of my recent knitting and spinning, too.


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