You Know Christmas is Close….

…when you get your Christmas Novena email!
I know I’ve been gone rather a long time. School and laziness, you know. An excellent combination for producing a blogging hiatus. I am now deprived of the first explanation, and therefore must blog at least twice as much as previously.
My school has done excellently well. I don’t know my final semester grades for anything yet but speech (a one-semester class, so actually my final grade period), but I feel confident about all of them (except possibly Great Books, which is a wildcard depending partly upon what they think about my most recent essay and my yet untaken oral exam). I’m going to be taking Latin from Rolling Acres Farm next semester, an online source with classes taught by a Catholic married couple (one or the other of them teaching each class, not both, as far as I know). My sister has taken German from Mrs. Rolling and loves it, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.
I haven’t really had much of a social life lately, which is partly out of choice; at least two outings presented themselves to me, but they were both excursions to see movies which I have less than no desire to see. I’ve actually been getting out a lot less this semester than last semester, which is possibly due to the fact that I began to attend a weekly co-op where I saw several older friends and made several more new ones. Overall, I’m happy about the co-op. There are a few things I would like to change. Two major ones are having to get up at 6 AM or earlier in order to get there at 7:35 (I have no classes then, but my carpool does), and the irregularity of one of my teachers, who apparently is making up the assignment schedule as he goes along. Thanks be, I have NO SCHOOL (except for my oral exam) until January.
I’ve been reading a fair amount; lately I’ve finished Jill the Reckless, an amusing early novel by P. G. Wodehouse (available on Project Gutenberg); most of Don Quixote for Great Books, which is very much more pleasant than most of our readings this year, or last year; some scattered essays by Hilaire Belloc, a superb essayist; and some more scattered essays by G. K. Chesterton. Also a great deal of old Peanuts comics, because I love Charlie Brown.
Possibly as a result of Thanksgiving break and the Immaculate Conception break we got from co-op, I watched more movies recently than is generally my custom. I think I can recommend Thor, if only for its incredible portrayal of Asgard. It got me interested in Norse mythology and I read the whole D’aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths in one day. (Not that Thor was terribly accurate, which it wasn’t.) If you liked Captain America, you probably won’t find it offensive.
Norse myth is incredibly interesting; C. S. Lewis liked it better than Irish or Greek mythology. I don’t know enough of Norse or Irish mythology to like any of the three better than the other, but it’s fascinating and if you like that sort of thing it’s fantastic. I certainly would love to learn Old Norse now.
Well, it’s getting late and I’m going to have to cut it off here. Farewell! I promise another post before Christmas.

3 thoughts on “You Know Christmas is Close….

  1. Emily :-) says:

    Wow. I could have written the third-to-last paragraph! It sounds *exactly* like what I have been doing lately. Don Quixote is hilarious, isn't it? He such an… an… well, for lack of a better word dingbat. 🙂

  2. I know! Love him! Weirdly enough, some people in my Great Books class (including one of the teachers) were trying to make out a case that he was sane. .__. Um, okay… HE'S NUTS! But I love that book.

  3. They were? Sheesh… yeah, he was sane alright. (in)sane. He goes around wearing a cardboard helmet! That sounds like something G and AJ would do! 😉

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