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It’s September at last! September is one of my five favorite months, after December, June, November, and October. December because of Advent, Christmas, and Christmas break; June because it’s the month of the Sacred Heart, my birthday month (and St. Margaret Mary is my patroness! How awesome is that?) and there’s no school as a bonus, November because it’s fall and cold (I believe we get our best fall foliage here in November, too), October because it’s fall and sort of cold, and September because temperatures begin to go down from 100+ degrees and become bearable again.

Oh my goodness! Monday has a predicted high of only 86 degrees! Be still, my beating heart! And the low is in the high 60s! Let there be mirth and merrymaking! Fall is upon our doorstep! Bliss! Joy! Rapture! Ecstasy!


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