August daybook

Date… Sunday, August 14, 2011

Starting time… 3:32 PM

Mood… wishing that it were cooler.

Outside my window… it’s only 95 degrees. o.O

I’m thinking… that I can’t wait till autumn…

I’m reading… Alec Forbes of Howglen by George Macdonald.

I’m listening to…

I’m wearing… my Christendom t-shirt and a pink/orange/brown peasant skirt.
Yesterday, I… went to a friend’s birthday party and the mall (twice, since part of the party was at the mall) and ate a bunch of M&Ms.

I’m excited for… I found a dress to wear if I go to the homeschool homecoming this year. (Not very likely, but I’m probably getting the dress anyways since I don’t have a formal dress and would wear it. Here it is.)

I’m sad because… it’s hot and school starts soon – a frightful combination.

I’m hungry for… nothing really.

The song stuck inside my head is… “Magic”. The one that goes “I’ve got the magic in me / When I touch that track it turns into gold…” It’s not inappropriate, but it is rap. Don’t judge me. It’s the ONLY rap song I listen to. Besides the Archangel Song.

I want… to go to Half Price Books.

I love… getting a bag of yarn worth $60 for $20.

I loathe… any weather over 70 Fahrenheit.
This week, my goal is… to start getting ready for school. I have just a week. 😛


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