I’m off!

Tomorrow I’m going to be boarding the plane on my way to Christendom. It all seems surreal… so weird. Prayers please for a safe flight there and back again!

Well, I must say that the showing of The Return of the King was by far the best yet. I dressed up as Frodo, in contrast to the first two times when I simply wore normal clothes with a grey wrap and my sister’s leaf brooch. Here’s a picture by my sister, Elven Maiden (from whom I borrowed the ring and the brooch):

Click it to make it bigger. If you look closely, I’m wearing a replica of the One Ring and of the Lorien leaf brooch. I loved how the pants (which are brand new) are very similar to some of the hobbit’s pants; slightly cropped, fairly loose, and brown. I even curled my hair in the front (though it doesn’t look like Frodo’s – too light and long 🙂 ).

The whole experience was incredible. ROTK definitely has some wince-worthy moments, but on the whole it is such a moving tribute to the book that I actually managed to shed a few tears. No full-blown weeping, though. 😉

The trees are now turning from green to gold
And the sun is now fading…


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