Lazy, lazy, lazy

I can’t believe what a horrible, faithless blogger I am.

I haven’t even been that busy. In essence, the only major things that have occurred consist of a movie night, Father’s Day, and seeing The Two Towers in theaters (an even MORE awesome experience than FotR, which certainly could have been better; for various reasons, not all the fault of the movie, TTT was considerably more delightful).

**spoilers for those who have not read the books**

Don’t even REMIND me of how much they messed up Faramir. It amused me that in the part when Frodo and Sam are in Osgiliath and SHOULDN’T be in Osgiliath because THAT IS NOT PART OF THE BOOK PETER JACKSON that Sam has a line that goes “By rights we shouldn’t even be here.” UM, YEAH!!!!

Yes, I am very mature. Why do you ask?

Anyways, I’m looking forward to RotK… hugely. Indeed, next week is a big week. Tuesday is Return of the King in theaters, Friday may be English country dancing, and Saturday is Christendom. Just ten days.


One thought on “Lazy, lazy, lazy

  1. I've missed every single one of the LOTR movies! My dad and I are hoping to make it to the RotK Tuesday. I was so sad to hear that we missed the Fellowship, that might be my favorite. Have a great time at Christendom! (not that you need telling)

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