LOTR in theaters

So last night my sister, myself, and two of our friends went to go see “The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition” in a special event in theaters.



I’d seen the extended edition before (probably like ten times… I’m not kidding) but never seen all of it in one sitting without so much as an intermission. It was really amazing on the big screen, of course. I saw a number of little things that I had never noticed before. I also saw a lot more teeth on the big screen… gosh, none of them look like they ever had braces 😉

I found the scene where Boromir dies to be very moving. “My brother. My captain…. My king.” I’d seen it a gazillion times before but it’s been a while. Lovely. I also really enjoyed being able to see Lothlorien and Rivendell on the big screen. The portrayal of Lothlorien in the movies is not satisfying, in my opinion, but it was great to see so many details of both sets that you miss when watching it at home.

Now I can’t wait till TTT and ROTK! I expect that both will be extremely impressive on the big screen.


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