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‘Let the years come and go…’

I suppose that most of you know what it’s like to be asked “Do you feel older now that you are ___?” The answer, which is generally no, is yes for me this year. I do feel older being sixteen. (I feel odd just writing that.) It is as if I had been fifteen for a very long time; my fifteenth year seemed curiously long, despite the fact that my fifteenth birthday seems so recent. However, I’m not displeased to bid it farewell. Not that it was more unpleasant than any other year (I’ve had worse), or even that it was tedious, exactly. But it’s time to say goodbye. I think sixteen will be a good year – it certainly began well.

Well, it’s just twenty days till I leave for Christendom, and I can’t quite believe that I’m actually going yet. I’ve never been away from my parents for more than two days yet, so I’m a little nervous but I know it’s going to be lovely. I’ve got the plane tickets now – this is the first time I’ve flown in nearly ten years! (I’ve probably mentioned that already…)


2 thoughts on “‘Let the years come and go…’

  1. Happy 16th Birthday! :)My sister just went on a tour of Christendom! She isn't going there, because they don't have the major she wants, but she was touring a bunch of colleges around the DC area and stopped in there. She should be coming home today-ish, so I can't wait to hear what she says about all the colleges! 🙂

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