Breaking the silence!

I’m back!

Where was I, you ask? Well, I was here… just not posting.

What’s up, you ask?

1. The day after Palm Sunday, my mother called the Christendom office and I was officially registered and paid to go to the Experience Christendom Summer Program, the third session (July 2-9). WOO HOO!!!!!! Check out this link for more details on what I’ll be doing. I am unbelievably excited. Oh, and this will be my first time on a plane in almost 10 years, and my first time ever alone on a plane.

2. In an extremely unpleasant procedure on Wednesday, involving my first actual surgery, I had four temporary screws placed in my jawbone and part of my gums lasered down. It doesn’t hurt, really, but the screws rub against the inside of my mouth when I smile or laugh and that does hurt… bleah. I am supposed to keep to a mushy diet until next Wednesday, too.

3. I finished spinning up about four ounces of Shetland wool into sock yarn and cast on for my first toe-up, two-at-a-time socks. It’s kind of fun. They go pretty fast too, because the yarn is thicker than my normal sock yarn. Okay, maybe this isn’t big news like the other two…


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