Day XVI and 100th Post!

This is the one-hundredth post on this blog. I’ve been blogging for eight months and two days. I guess it’s kind of a big thing. 😛

A song that makes me cry. Well, I am not the type that frequently bursts into tears at sad movies and songs. So I’ll probably choose one that almost makes me cry.

Okay, if you’ll skip to 3:27 on this video one of my favorite songs ever begins, one called “Battle of Waterloo”. I first heard that song on Pandora, done by Old Blind Dogs* (the singer on this video, Jim Malcolm, was the lead singer at one point and wrote these lyrics). I warn you, it’s very sad. I love it…

*A really good band, as I think I’ve mentioned before, but some of their songs are racy and I would highly recommend looking the lyrics up at celticlyricscorner.net first if you are interested. I don’t think I would download a whole album of theirs; just individual songs.


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