Music, thirty days

Days XII and XIII

Skipping over the photo ones… too much trouble…

Well, a song I want played at my wedding… if I do ever marry, obviously this song will have to be played at the reception or whatever because I’m definitely going to be married at a Nuptial Mass… I don’t really know. Almost all my favorite songs are too sad for a wedding. I really like “The Scientist” by Coldplay but it’s a little downbeat. All the same, I think it would be perfect. And I love, love, love the set “Morning Nightcap” by Lunasa. It is such a lovely, happy set of tunes. It makes me feel like dancing even though I can’t really dance. Perhaps one could dance the Virginia Reel to it, but might be a bit fast… anyways…

A guilty pleasure? Well, er, this blog is kind of a guilty pleasure since I have school to do right now, but I really like taking walks alone when it’s almost night and if it were any darker my mom would get her feathers ruffled because I’d be out too late… 😛


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