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Day IV: A Favorite Television Program

This one really is hard, because I don’t really watch TV anymore. I used to really like Star Trek, Monk, Doctor Who, and Psych, but I don’t watch any of them anymore (especially Psych and Monk – I wouldn’t mind watching a couple episodes of Star Trek or Doctor Who, but I really can’t stand the two former shows). Twilight Zone is pretty good too… and I can put up with Alfred Hitchcock Presents. There’s probably a few others I used to watch too, I guess.

Well, I’ve got to pick one eventually, I suppose. I’ll go with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I guess. That was my favorite incarnation at one time, though I suspect that if I watched it now I would be severely annoyed by the alien mystic religiosity and turn it off forever in frustration and anger. That wasn’t the only questionable bit in the series… as I remember, there were a number of unpleasant bits. I think it had better character development than any of the other series, though, and it was more realistic; not to mention that it was a good bit cleaner, on the whole, than Psych, or maybe even Monk.


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