Books, thirty days

Day III: A Favorite Book

Hmm. Well, this is a very, very hard one. I think I’ll do as Ivy did over at Singing in the Dark, and pick a book out of several categories.

Favorite book I’ve read for school this past year: The Aeneid – Virgil. I long for the day when I can read it in Latin. Of course, that will never happen unless I actually get *caught up* in Latin… 

 Favorite spiritual reading (besides the Bible): The Confessions of Saint Augustine. I love this book a lot. Saint Augustine is one of my favorite saints.

Favorite nineteenth-century novel: Gotta love these… probably either Pride and Prejudice or Middlemarch. Not that I don’t love the Brontes.

Favorite short poem: See this post. I’m not sure it’s my absolute top favorite, but it’s definitely one of my favorites.


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