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How fickle a blogger I am

Yeah. So. I neglected y’all for another week, didn’t I? I’m a bad, bad blogger.

First things first; Lent. I’m sure all of you want to know what I’m giving up for Lent (or perhaps not). I’m trying to actually do stuff, as well, as they all say, but I think giving stuff up is frequently underrated. For someone like me, who’s fond of their comforts, I think it’s pretty important (though obviously it’s better to go to adoration and the like). To cut to the chase, I gave up meat and desserts. I ate a dessert last night anyways, because I’m a loser, but whatever. Never again! I’m going to also try to make it to Mass more often and to Eucharistic Adoration more. I’m also cutting down on Internet usage and going to try biking to the local park and back daily.

Anyways, we should always try to remember that our voluntary penances are for His sake and only useful insofar as we sacrifice ourselves to Him, and getting too fixated on them kind of defeats the purpose, I guess, which is to detach ourselves from ourselves and attach ourselves to him. I hope that made some kind of sense.

As I mentioned last week, I did see Altan perform twice last weekend. It was incredible. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I am watching one of the greatest Irish bands of all time. I AM WATCHING ALTAN!!!! The first time was amazing enough, but the second was even better; I got a sixth or seventh row seat, and could see everything going onstage. (By the way, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, the lead singer and one of the fiddlers, is beautiful.) The singing, fiddling, everything was just beautiful. It was also pleasant to hear them introducing the songs… that Irish lilt… ah, to have a speaking voice like that! I think my favorite part was when Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh introduced one of my favorites, “Mo Choill”, saying it was one of her favorites and proceeding to sing it with exceptional loveliness. They have shot up even further in my estimation. Top class band.

I’ve been working a bit on my spinning and I have produced one small (forty gram-haven’t got the yardage yet) skein of yarn that averages probably around sport weight or so. I ought to post pictures eventually, I suppose.

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